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In the montgomery county maryland courthouse there are thousands of pages ages of documents detailing the horrific murders of three innocent people to things from the early days of the investigation are clear. No one knew new for sure who committed the murders but some had a theory about who engineered them soon as i heard the details. I knew my dad was involved right away. We know it was lawrence. It's hard i mean i knew who else instantly. I says lawrence everybody knew that lawrence horn was responsible. Nobody even better but at the time of the murders orders lawrence horn was clear across the country watching tv in his los angeles home and he could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm jasmine in morris from iheartradio hit home media. This is hitman. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts oh my gosh and then now you host the festival tie every year love and acceptance of show the week of safe s. It's also maybe the fifth year he's done that and i was just. I'm honored to be a part of it. Is that that have a show is just specifically focused on that within the country music seem as biggest week of the year. I guess per for country music. What's cool is a met people who voted that sh- who go to that show who are. I thought it would be like all seem festival. They're showing up anyway for the big show at these he's on and maybe they're coming to ours for one night or whatever it turns out like so many people come to nashville just for that show yeah and that's so cool to me they just and so many of them a couples from all across all all over the country <hes> and world probably to a show up in our <hes> are are there because they want to show support. They want to say we love country too and we appreciate this level of love and acceptance. You're promoting so i think it's a beautiful thing african love that and it's cool. I interrupted you though you said your little team. When you first came out your team at mt <hes> you're talking about. I was talking about <hes> <hes> just that you were talking about circus kind of like you'd like people of different walks of life and how that makes you like better like seeing that and by the way when you grow up like i did and south carolina or other places if you're killing a red dirt road right now who's listening to this thinking you. You only see one thing one way of life. You don't realize there's other stuff out there and once you realize is kind of a bigger world and that everyone everyone's woods differences really do make better and not worse.

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