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So we're just going to get to it. We're going to wrap up the conversation. We're talking about James Corden on Howard Stern this week. And to reset the table. Lex and I always feel this way and we say it. We have said it many times. Usually when you get done with the stern interview the subject, whether you like them or not, you end up walking away from a stern interview, liking that person more like Katherine Heigl Eagles the best case, and Lex mentioned this. I did not like her at all. Listen to the interview with her liked her. I enjoyed her. I became not a fan, but I stopped hating her. Yeah. Yeah. Howard has a great way of Pulling things out of the people. He's talking to making them human, making them yet more relatable and and having them share things that they've never shared before. To put the forks and the knives and the table settings on the table again. What? What didn't happen with James Corden? Why do you feel the opposite again? Lex, I feel that Yeah, I like him less afterward. But I think it's more because he didn't really answer the questions. I can't even Think about a question where he had even an opinion. I think he was trying to either be too nice or he talked about being British. Nice kind of thing. And then he kind of turned into you know, we can all have different opinions and all. It just felt very which is true, but the way that he said it felt very like Creature e and I, I just I didn't like him as much afterward. He didn't really answer much questions. And Howard is really trying and you could tell he was getting frustrated with him. Yeah, I I didn't. I didn't get the sense that he was preachy, but I 100% agree with you. I was on I know where I was. I was on 3 94 heading into the station to the show. Yeah, And I'm looking at the radio like, Oh, my goodness. Howard has to be frustrated because Howard asked him about the controversy over James Corden playing a gay character in prom on Netflix. What do you say about that? Nothing. Uh, do nothing. He gave, um not a lot, You know, You know what he said was was a very PR answer. A very politically correct And I hate that term, but a very politically correct answer. Because I'm sure he didn't want to step in mud all over again. I have to tell you, though, And I'm a gay guy. I would have appreciated. This and maybe he doesn't feel this way. You know what? I would have appreciated him going. You know what? I'm an actor. I'm an actor, and maybe people need to stop being so sensitive. And I did the best I could. I didn't mean to offend anybody. I would have so of appreciated that. Um, but then again, I I am a gay. That was that I am not offended by that. I think actors have a job. Now simultaneously. Do I hope and pray for more gay actors in the LGBTQ spectrum to get more opportunities? Absolutely. But I I think it is detrimental at the same time for us as gay people to be like, okay. You can't play us. I mean, we don't want to be discriminated against and I don't think we should be I I can play straits. Exactly. So anyways, I've been very clear how I feel about them Mind Hunter. He? What's his name? Oh, face. He's best friends of Leah. Michelle. Um, uh oh. Giant Jonathan Jobson Groth. Jonathan Graham? Yes, I had no idea he was Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Somebody told me he did you know, uh I don't know, but I'm not so I can't really judge I'd rather hear from Jason and how he feels. It does not offend me and I and I'm I'm serious. It gives me a little I get really irritated. It's the accent to trying out to just being able to have the opportunity to show what you've got. That's where It's lacking, but actually casting of it. If other people, you know, Yeah, and I believe I can As a gay guy. I can feel both of those things. I can have those parallel tracks. I I cannot be offended by it, and at the same time hope There are more opportunities for gay people. I'm just telling you in my life. James Corden does not offend me. That role did not offend me. I actually liked him in it. And if that gets people angry I. That's my opinion. What he what James Corden did in that Howard Stern interview was very like everybody can have their own opinion. And, um, you have to accept that. Which is true, but I'm like, OK, give us more chores. What's your opinion, like were you did it hurt your feelings? Where you irritated? He was just very Very woo Woo and I wanted some. I wanted some humanity. I wanted some blunt honesty. Um and I we just didn't get it and I'm like it was very Scripted. It felt like so I'm with you. It was just got neutered the whole time. You Oh, yes, It was a very, uh it's forgettable. It's a very forgettable interview, and it could have been great. I wanted to hear I want to know that he was maybe irritated or hurt by it. I'm sure it was hurtful when Buzzfeed is ripping you to high hell, because you're on this robust feel my goodness that week. Buzzfeed made Buzzfeed was like all about hating on James Corden and I So what's that? Like for you as an actor to know that you're proud of this work? You're proud of the movie. But you are getting ripped from one end of the Internet to the other. There has to be some emotion connected to that. And if not tell me why? Why are you remove? Why didn't bother you? Because you're proud of your work. He didn't do any of that of it. Nope. So, yeah. You can listen to the whole James Corden interview on on Sirius XM or Just go to the Howard App there. Baba Booey. Howard, we love you. Let's go. It's time to enter my mind. I'm very serious. Sorry. It's a scary place. Uh, please, can you put your goggles on its, uh, we're going to go down the rabbit hole. Here we go to.

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