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News now i'm dan martin the michigan civil rights commission says the state's civil rights law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity the board voted five nothing to issue interpretive statement monday with one commissioner abstaining and lgbt rights group had requested the move michigan department of civil rights director august in our bulu says he commends the commission quote for the courage they've shown in making the decision the department will begin processing complaints of sex discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as of today the issue however may not be settled a conservative legal group had submitted opposition from ten republican lawmakers who say an interpretive statement is not binding law and note that the legislature has rejected adding more classifications to the state civil rights law eleven times since nineteen ninety nine a battle creek man's body has been found in the trunk of an abandoned car taken over the weekend to a southern michigan tow yard police say the car's owner found the body of forty three year old deah bulu white monday morning when she went to retrieve the vehicle from the tow yard battle creek detective sergeant todd elliott says white had been shot in the head he was reported missing saturday by his mother the car was towed from private property police say the property owner knew nothing about the vehicle a forty eight year old battle creek man is being held as a person of interest in a case white's death is under investigation wham radar weather checking your forecast for this afternoon cloudy high of about sixty nine then for tonight partly cloudy low near fifty for tomorrow wednesday the twenty third looks like mostly sunny skies high about eighty that's way am news now i'm dan mark non wam talk sixteen hundred dickey's barbecue pit is real texas barbecue a lot of barbecue joyce claim to be the real deal but they are dickey's is texas rips chicken sausage spicier mile turkey pulled pork brisket all done the way you'll love this is darren saying you.

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