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That's different nfl Nfl as much. I think nfl great. I watch it but But the atmosphere is different for sure. Build up to the game. You know the all the traditions various casses. it's funny. It's funny because but i remember about that two year run you had there. I i don't re- i mean listen. You would know it because you lived it. I don't remember if someone system. Sean mcdonough monday night football. I don't think of the narrative that anyone thought you aren't big enough for it. I do remember what weren't there a lot of. I don't wanna use her controversy because that's really strong but there's a little blowback because you would have our the officials sometimes and i. Don did you get heat from the nfl from espn. Yeah i'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Nonsmoking no no what it yesterday. I never said hey you need to back off on you know. I definitely no in from the league ever directly said but you only know you get the sense that the wasn't happy about the narratives. You know the the ending of of my tenure. Monday night with leonard. Football was strange. Because ill when i got the job the money job john skipper president of espn john. Wild hack was basically the number two and john. Kennedy hired me on wild hack. And then he left very shortly thereafter shadowed objector at the heart of central new york syracuse university and at the end of our second season. You'll remember this. Espn convened a big powell at all the town sports. The bristol basically gave us pep talk. It was john skipper connor shell because the narrative around then was that the slide and in l. day actually did a great job. Telling you don't believe it. We're not gonna lose this property and metric we're going to bid on that when a try this bubba blah you'll the futures brighton. Disney's doing fine and so i i saw stupor on the way out and he kind of padding on the back and said you know you're doing a great job of above above it right up there really feeling good and then a week later. He resigned within days of that. Jon gruden announces. He's leaving and going back to coaching. So no one really knew exactly who was in charge. You know we had several management people who all had kind of similar levels titles They brought The great george bodenheimer back. But he was just you know. they're mixture. The bill catch on fire ill. He didn't wanna make decisions. Like that buys owners is the greatest of the great john. All the people you vetting this job. Who do you admire the most would be. There's no bad meyer morning again. But especially for what he's doing now with the foundation of just such a charitable guy morning but be slightly at that playoff game bob earlier which is bruins last day. Another strange bizarre thing assan I wish him well..

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