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Zero down zero payments or interest for two full years visit window nation dot com. Today married a pompous W T OBY traffic Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's a nice fall weekend ahead is temperatures are running below normal, chilly start this morning, but warming into the upper fifties and lower sixties in any little bit of a breeze that we have this morning will settle down throughout the day. All sunshine clear skies overnight. Temperatures in the thirties and forties. Little frost once again possible for your Sunday Tomorrow's temperature, Just a touch warmer were in the mid sixties. Tomorrow. Plenty of Sun. Then by Monday, those temperatures are around 70 partly sunny. We'll have a few Sprinkles Northwest D. C. 17 4 meteorologist, Lauren Records, 51 degrees in Annapolis, 49 Dumb freeze and 49 in the nation's capital. Thiss is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated in your car at home at work. Hands on the go. W GOP. Never miss a moment. Good morning. I'm Nick in Ellie. Look, Lou Curtis, our producer coming up the U. S. Now the only country to reach eight million cases of the Corona virus. Early voting turnout continues to shatter records and the Supreme Court will consider whether the Trump administration can leave undocumented immigrants outs of the US census count. It's 9 31 thie. US hits another unfortunate milestone in the pandemic. More than eight million Americans have been infected by covert 19 surgeon general Jerome Adams. We don't know what the long term effects of getting over there going to be way do know that we're just a few months away at most likely.

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