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Or not we had a power outage here before the hurricane even arrived at usually the result of a hurricane but K. long is that thing over yet yeah Jack I got everybody back up and running there were there were eighteen thousand customers over in Clearwater they were without power overnight and earlier this morning so I mean crazy don't know the reason for yet or anything like that but everybody's back up and running now and no more traffic signal problems throughout that area matter fact traffic not too bad from the floor to sever credit union all along traffic center we do have a crash in Hillsborough County they'll be at seventy eight street north bound at progress Boulevard we have backup specter Riverview drive here we still have an accident in new port Richey we've been talking about this accident since five o'clock this morning a couple of accidents on state road fifty four near Madison street has lanes walk both east and westbound still slow going there on the interstate onto seventy five stop ago from flustered Hillsborough high for westbound slow from thrill one to MLK and then again from the someone connected to two seventy five in Pinellas county to watch out for an accident curlew road west bound west of US nineteen this report is sponsored by aerotek looking for work aerotek recruiting has immediate seasonal jobs available in customer service warehouse production healthcare and more find a job that works for your situation search openings and apply online and find worked odd jobs at to find work dot jobs extravagant date at eight twenty K. long is radio WFLD traffic problems call the injury firm of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five it's eight eleven on A. M. Tampa Bay by the way the Florida governor Rhonda Sanders the cleared a state of emergency because of the hurricane in twenty six counties and that includes Miami Dade and Broward an orange in Palm Beach and of all all the counties along the east coast in several of them in line but the Tampa Bay area is not on the list yet but that all could change depending on where that thing.

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