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That one 6 four tell us where you are. What's your question? Can we give us a hug? Hello, hello. It's Megan from Pittsburgh. The cling lives here, or was from here, but former home of Zach Stefan. My question is, we're kind of just talking about it, but well, first of all, great from the boys. It's so nice to have hope again. I mean, it's great. It's truly great. But my question is, is which national team player do you think garnered themselves like the biggest move right now? I know you were just talking about Christian, obviously Westin with the UV situation, but which may be outside of those two, do you think garnered the most attention for the transfer window? Yeah, so outside of Christian and western, I would look honestly to play like Tyler Adams, you know, and I know that many U.S. fans love seeing him play at leagues under Jesse marsh. Along with Brendan aronson, but I think Tyler Adams did a lot to get some attention. And I think the other two players would be the full backs would be junior desk. And Anthony Robinson, those would be the three I'd pick ros what do you think? Any adversary will come in with about 80 million dollar offer for Tim Reed. He deserves every bloody way. You're Tyler is now on every single major team's radar. Any player that has those loans and that capacity is always always marveled at them going to contact a player who makes it look like the team have 12 players on the field. In this tournament, Tyler Adams looked like Yankee can take will have every single thing with some tiny bit more tactical development he will be a and we just didn't absolutely warrior three atoms. It was just, it was majestic to witness that kid, my friend, he remember, when I started podcasting with him, ten months ago, was in Leipzig, not in the first team, battling injuries, battling confidence, battling joy. And that,

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