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What you here it it's really challenging compare era and how do you rate a player permit 1820 get the current player and it really is if it not challenge but the twelve backed it perry do it really is a great idea and i think came off beautifully yeah i thought it was well done in and it is unreal of when you start seeing all these players in then you know your alma mater couches realizing how many great players were there as well and you know bunch of quarterbacks one guy in particular rocks at i know you know about i know you are very very young and not even sure uh you know if you were born 'cause i know your lot younger than i a roth the quarterback who died prematurely can you update everybody on on this young man because it seemed like this guy was really well love back there in berkeley great 'akau'ola mid 70s might go to the time team tv play with chuck monte and he would would it amid heisman trophy candidate and i people wanted it i mean he would before here's interpretive a cow quarterback when that's how good he was now until he was diagnosed with cancer it before his senior year any poli senior knowing he was going to die it it there is no way that they could get it it eddie her previously they thought they got it came back and then they kept it under wraps nobody knew and then he died in january after his senior season and you've number it the only number it retired the history of cal football programme number twelve and what i voted am at my number one uh i think he would never ate mistaken all the top twelve with but he had an amazing story put out a little person they made a movie about it great documentary about struggle of what he went through and he really is uh a cow legend in the current people certainly don't know the story but he he was a great quarterback who would have been for great for the nfl andy iskoe with me as well andy roxie knob we could see a generational thing because i thought were you were headed.

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