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Here's the Price Action for you this Tuesday morning about one hour at 12 minutes away from the opening bell stateside features pull back a little bit down 14 We fast off the lows are up by 4/10 of 1% that bounce off the lows coming after An FDA report suggesting that they find the vaccine was 95% effective and the stars are aligned now clearly for emergency use authorization. We could get that approval this coming Thursday in the bond market Treasuries unchanged there a 950.96 1% is your yield on a foreign exchange the your overhead of the CB about two days away some 1 21. 26 Any number of topics to speak of of Washington, John and Lisa right now. Leslie Vinger. Murray joins us from Chatham House with a very smart outlook from London on American politics, Leslie We're at the point in every new administration, where all their supporters figure out there's X number of slots and way, way way more than X number of people that want those slots. How's that manage? What do you do when you got only so many high visibility cabinet in the other jobs and everybody wants to climb on board? Well, and especially, I think in this administration where course people four years ago thought that they were coming in with Hillary Clinton. And that didn't happen. They've been waiting in Washington. And of course, there's certainly a lot of moderate Republicans and wouldn't work for Donald Trump. That probably would like it. It doesn't look like that's happening. But what we're seeing is you know those two simpletons being made really heard the announcements earlier in the week about the economic team. Now it's rumored that we are seeing the secretary Defense nominee coming soon Lloyd Austin, who would be the first African American secretary of defense, remember Tom that 43% of America's active duty troops are people of color, and so that would be symbolically very important. And as Biden's looking ahead, he's thinking about having experienced people there plenty of those and offer but about balancing. Women and men and gender and race and all those very important dynamics that have been central to his campaign. You mentioned the president elect. Looking ahead is his timeline different in the first term. Because of his age because of the pieces that it's proceed. He's picking up from President Trump is his first year the honeymoon and then after the first year is that timeline unique. I don't think you know. Usually we think about the first year the certainly the 1st 100 days being a honeymoon period. I don't think that we can even conceive of American politics in the same way anymore than four years of a lot of disruption, a lot of dysfunctionality and now we're looking at the tragedy of more than 2000. Americans dying every single day, the virus not under control of the need for an economic recovery. This very significant question of when the vaccinations will be rolled out, so there's no honeymoon. Period for the Biden team. I think they're moving ahead very quickly on. But as you know, the Democrats and the Republicans remain in campaign mode because those January 5th elections in Georgia will determine who controls the Senate, and that will be absolutely crucial to Biden's ability to govern, so I think it's really Moving ahead very quickly, not only with the appointments but also with beginning to get the agenda up and running, and I think we could see we will expect the number of very significant announcements this January. 20th, a president Biden taking the US back into Paris back into the W H o possibly back into the Iran deal, and then there's a big question, of course of how he manages the US China confrontation, and that's something that he has a lot of bipartisan support. Worked behind being very tough, and if Congress is not the Senate is not in his hands. I think China will be the foil for perhaps getting a lot of domestic legislation through that, on the basis of the need that America needs to invest in its domestic economy to make it competitive. So, Leslie, Let's be clear about this. This sounds very familiar. Sounds like what we've experienced over the last few years. Do you see a big difference between the approach of this administration on the next administration on the issue of China? Absolutely. I mean, you're right that people want to be tough on China. More than 70% of Americans have an unfavorable view towards China. Nobody wants to go back to free and open trade and thinking that China is going to change, But I think we will see a different approach. We're going to see a tougher approach. We're going to see a Biden administration that is gonna push far beyond terror if some structural reforms and market access Questions of I P and technology transfer all those things that we've been hearing about that not seeing a lot of movement on and of course, as we've seen with those appointments of Tony Blinken and check Sullivan, these are people who care a lot about the democracy question. The values question. Blinken talks about techno democracies and techno autocracies and said that question of technology And the standards and writes on norms that surround the use. An exchange of technology is point really one of the key items that I think that the Biden team is going to take on over the next four years. But even in the first in the first year As the great to catch up. We appreciate the time and I'm sorry. It sure let's leave intermarry that Channel House head of US Sand America's program headline Crossing the Bloomberg A couple of moments ago, the United Kingdom to withdraw the Brexit lawbreaking clauses. And the government bill. I'll translate that to put some digestible English for you. For those of you that haven't followed this story. Over the last several months. There was a bill going through Parliament broke international law now. Government pulling back from that it seems Tom this is an olive branch to the Europeans, European style they want on that front. The UK abides by international law, cable pops back 1 33 70. It's the story of the pound on the U. S. Dollar as you were, Tom. Maybe this brings us closer together to try and get a deal, John. I went to the Google search on what this means for Parliament Clause 45 in this inn. You know, you see a phrase like dis supply the obligation, John. I don't think any of us. Certainly I don't understand the new wants in the paragraph by paragraph details. These people are dealing with some of it to me, didn't even look like English. Some people here do I rely on Kai Johnson to translate a lot of this form? A guy's very good at that. So he spent the last 4.5 years following every every single turn. The guy gets it. We have lain on guard. Okay, but because of the pandemic, we have to Quite frankly, John Dis apply the obligation because of the pandemic of December 16th which is, you know a 10 a.m.. Get him in New York. There's a there's a large football game. It's a Wednesday What happens? It's he's playing Liverpool in the tots. They're playing on your Wednesday afternoon. You're skipping something important? No time tomorrow. What happens tomorrow? What's important about tomorrow? I can't talk to them. I don't know. What's Harry thinking about tomorrow? I have no idea the King's birthday in 24 hours..

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