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Just everyone. I'm realizing it's very specific to this industry. And and maybe this podcast keep asking people what it was like working on these individual projects that they've worked on so now in a place. Now where i i'm. I'm so distant from the tv shows that. I'm watching. where if i see someone like running up a fight steers on a show. My first thought is god. That character has to get up the stairs. My first thought is actually. How many times do you have to do that. How many times that actor have to take those stairs. Two at a time because that looks exhausting. So it's taken me out of it a little bit. Because i've been i've been going. I do a lot of homework for my as you clearly do too. I do a lot of homework before these interviews. And i watch end up watching so many cop shows if you're interviewing character actors. Ask me anything about bosch. He's gotta did mom. He's trying to solve the case. I watch and bracelet. Yes and he hated the roses sleeves up show tattoos and the the the upper echelon cops don't like the boss has tattoos but which interview where you watch bosch for. I was watching bosch for spencer garrett. I was watching bosch for brooke smith. I was watching bosh for a third one. That's escaped my mind. Bosch has employed a ton of my cats because again. It's a cop show that needs interesting. People read shoots here in l. a. Know they don't shoot a new yorker atlanta so vancouver. God help you. So it's all local character actors on that show. There's a few. There's a few on my must book lists if it wasn't for the fact that he was number one on the show titled be fantastic. I'm hesitant he might still be outta these household name. I don't know you would either of your parents know who had as well over is. I don't think so all right. But i don't think that they would know. Yeah adam reveal on your must book list or is that private no. I'll put it out there. Because i'm trying to like the word out that these are people. I'm hunting down. There's an acronym. Bill camp bill camp taught taught the young girl how to play chess in queen's gambit and before that he was on the night of he shows up in used to work a ton in boston because he was at the american repertory theater. He's up there. Bob man an from all that christopher guest movies and he also services jon voight in midnight cowboy in a very famous scene. Keith david c. C. h. pounder. I wanna get beady wong. I lom. I'd love to get going through my sharon agent with ming-na now win. I'm trying to get her in on this but also like being surprised..

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