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And I think I I could tell you that that was the end of the story and I think if I did tell you that that would be kind of like saying that god lives up in the sky and the truth is the story really didn't end there although I was sure that it had a couple years later when she and I are both juniors in high school we got cast as husband and wife in the school play we were Mr and Mrs color in the very serious drama the miracle worker the story of how Helen Keller learn to read and write and all of a sudden I didn't need to think of anything to say to her anymore it was all just written out for me and I don't know if that's why but even in between scenes she and I found we could talk easily and jokes easily and we laughed a lot like more than I'd ever laughed with anybody in the play was supposed to be helping colors father this like stern sad southern man and I really wanted to do a good job at a rehearsal all I thought about was talking with their and laughing with their there is one moment where she and I were laughing so hard we were just crying and then the lights came up and the scene started and I had to slam my fist on the dining room table and shout damn it Katie she can't say the southern accent that I prepared for the wrong.

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