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Council there is no upheaval over highest levels of usa gymnastics cbs's dr jon lapook says it's the latest fallout from the sexual assault scandals surrounding former team physician larry nassar linger team forward and told an adult intel's ten list in widening lists within victims have not only taken aim at massar and michigan state but also at usa gymnastics and the us olympic committee the us olympic committee released a statement saying it had been engaged in discussions with usa gymnastics which led to three board resignation anna coach of the 2012 team has been suspended for the first time since being swamped by an avalanche of sexual abuse allegations bill cosby performed in public below gel he said he told jokes for about an hour at a philadelphia jazz club the eightyyearold cosby faces a retrial in a sexual assault case in april his first trial ended in a hung jury last year pennsylvania supreme court struck down that state's congressional map it's a win for democrats who say the eighteen districts were drawn to benefit republicans lawmakers mcgivan just over two weeks to come up with a replacement plan oscar nominations are due out shortly cbs's steve futterman has our preview among the films expected to receive nominations today three billboards outside ebbing missouri enduring anything to catch your daughter's killer i don't think those billboards is very fair it tells the story of a mother seeking justice in the death of her daughter another film expected to be a nominee as lady bird the story of a teenage girl growing up in northern california just after nine eleven the i don't even want to go to school in the state anyway i hate california also likely to receive nominations the shape of water and get out steve futterman cbs news los angeles the south african jazz musician hugh masekela has died of cancer at seventy eight the trumpeter and composer had a number one hit in this country and 1968 with grazing in the grass in his own country message cattle was a key figure in the antiapartheid movement addi lived in exile for many years wall street afford about us and p futures down a halfpoint sign on the.

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