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And this isn't this isn't like a Michigan football game where 'cause you're my son who I meet you at the locker room we go into locker room, and you see all the players at the at the Michigan game. So was so he kinda he kinda go kind of choked up for a little bit. And this can't be happening. Okay. That's that's all right. That's got the other one of the other eight pictures. He did say was the best day of his life, though. He did say, but he there was a gentleman kind of kind of bent down and took a picture with Jack. And you sent that. Yeah. With no with no name on it. You sent the picture in mmediately. I texted back. You said is that Frank O'Hara? Nice Frankel Harris it. Yes. That is Frank O'Hare. And then there was Jack picks mildest face any Franko. You could see he was engaged with them. But in nineteen seventy one I was coaching at Iowa the secondary coach at Iowa we played Penn State at Penn State, the two running backs Franco Harris and lie Dell. And Khaw Nagel can't think of his first name Khaw Nagel was turned. Maybe visit a g Hoffman gore. Gordon is coming to my. It's not Gordon, but he but half Nagel turned out to be a very fine coach. And I think he coast in Canada, maybe or Costa the United States, but that was the backfield. And I might add we didn't fare real. Well, things didn't go. Well that particular day they had a lot of success. John Nagle, John. Here we go. I asked Franko. Ariza as we were leaving shook hands, and he he wished he goes. I hope you win all your games except one. I said, I'd I'd I I know it gave you referred to. But then with Jack the funny thing with Jack is today. I said Harris Harrison I was explaining to him the play against Oakland. I think it was Bradshaw through the pass at the end of the game and it bounced off a defensive back and came back Franco Harris had come out of the backfield. And the ball was right on the turf he picked it off of his shoes and took it in the end zone for the winning. And it was controversial. Because in those days if it hit an off it couldn't go from an offensive player on offense. If player defensive player didn't have replacing everything. So so they gave the touchdown Jackson. I saw that YouTube. I saw that play the immaculate reception. The so he has that play in his mind. He, but he didn't know it was Franco Harris, right? Got the you got to meet him and take a picture amazing to me. I had a chance to work without Davis for two years and that play to him. I mean, you don't you don't you can't mention it. It was one of the greatest travesty in the history of it. Is put onto man that mad at put out. No question. And the other was the talk. Yeah. The the the talk rule Charles Woodson strip Tom Brady. And and what was the holy roller. Was that? Oh, that was that was that benefited in my thing that benefit was that it was that raiders versus the charity. Casper was Dave casper in on that the whole. I remember the ones stave obey clean play. He was he was raised chargers. He was falling down. And he threw it high into the end zone cliff trade I made a caught that. But the holy roller was that it was stabler against the chargers raiders versus chargers was rolled a forward. Fumble and recovered by the raiders tight end. Dave casper in the end zone for a touchdown. Ultimately giving Oakland twenty one twenty victory. So he can't you know, God gives and God takes. Growing up in Pittsburgh. That's the greatest football play ever in the Franco Harris statue when you get off the plane at Pittsburgh International airport, when you're going down the escalators there is a remake of him grabbing it off the turf. Oh, yeah. It's full. It's a Super Bowl. They did it. Oh, yeah. It was a great great. Great. Schol time NFL one hundred commercial was terrific for the urban legend in Pittsburgh is that the head referee went to like the the head of security when he was trying.

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