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Barbecue competition virtually in parallel to the in person. Barbecue competition at And in townsville at strand pock there so they had all these big screens set up on a stage set up and they do something in person live on the stage and then they crossed a million. We do something virtually and it was streamed on the internet and also broadcast on the big screens at the event. And i think that's one thing that we're saying now is we're seeing a lot of different Digital avenues you have been created have been invented and now we're starting to see them get incorporated more into face to face events. And i think that's really interesting and i think that's i think that's going to be the future of of the barbecue saying we're going to see a lot more digital stuff happening a lot more digital stuff going on and for someone who is a complete barbecue and a techno node like myself. That's just fantastic news. It's it's ironic. That the way that we met was on instagram live out of barbecue event. We were literally pre pandemic already figuring out how to use these digital tools that we have at our fingertips to make connections on the other side of the world. Yeah exactly yeah. I mean what is it. Necessities the mother of invention is that is that the expression. Yeah there you go. I'd love for you to talk about I heard your last podcast. And you were talking about your podcast partner program in some of the statistics of the results. That you're seeing in that niche for meeting fire. Can you can you walk us through that. Yes so one of the things that we've done with without podcast. What a lot of people don't realize is that the podcast for each episode that plays for now. Allah is minimum of ten hours. Work behind the scenes. Thank you for to tell you this this But i'm telling everybody else. There's a minimum of ten hours work that goes into everyone. Allah of episode..

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