Billy Joe Saunders, Marietta Drawl Canal, Danny Jacobs discussed on Big Brown Breakdown


The the plus side of staying on the card and fighting doesn't really outweigh the negatives because you know he's the all these guys are tough if he looks bad knows vying for the rematch seemed fight you know like the charles of the world or the billy joe saunders or any of those guys are even the rematch with canal so he risks that if he if he doesn't fight also we know the next fights the rematch nothing's going to mess that up so we're just gonna wait for that but you know triple jia fighters fighter wants to stay on the card and fight so they found this martinez ian who's armenian doodo them fighting two years so it's a good fight he had the right style you know you definitely want to scare a triple g but you know who sent in it's kind of a slaughtering lamb this what's going on in there so again hugest for triple g if he were to lose it's kind of then to the road from such at his age but you want to stay on the card entertain the fans and he did that he'd nest this dude up we saw the combo they land this uppercut he landed in the second round was straight vicious and you know and also for triple g he needed a knockout man his last two fights marietta drawl canal and had a controversial decision against any jacobs so he has it you know and before that before the danny jacobs might really it started with danny jacobs right before the danny jacobs fight nobody wanted to fight that man zero people in the middleweight division wanted to fight him that no one was going off take him on.

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