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Kirch it's black liquors coveting chocolate oh boy all right in also m funny enough where we stayed in ireland beer apparently is where bram stoker grew up wait a minute we're way matt area there is a brand stocher's castle here but then the results of brands cafe like is all kinda themed is weird as we prepare that's where he lived in okha or grew up or whatever all right well we're going to work we're gonna break here for weather and traffic and then number dad's gonna cohen intel joke we've got above blackhawks express as well longer wash my face okay thank you vic loved tom a little nicer you're doing it very german like her own i like her on a suddenly the inception noisier quality here's your forecast in wgn chicago weather center today cloudy and cooler high near forty four tonight more clouds low around thirty seven tomorrow is tuesday partly cloudy high forty three wednesday mostly sunny high forty eight thursday partly cloudy and high forty six currently thirty eight degrees at o'hare it's 48 midway forty at the lakefront get a check on traffic with as leader right now so pretty quiet but keep an eye out on the dan ryan eighty seven t the merge four right lanes are down until six on the outbound inbound you have the same thing for emerged eighty seven four left lanes that should open up about fifteen minutes now also on the bishop ford northbound king gripe to the merge ever right lane closed so that semi causing a little bit of a delay for traffic on the sevens or eternity time ondemand get the traffics chicago app approved by team hochberg appro mortgage just search t r a f f i x chicago as readily.

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