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Ball gives him an edge but he's taking responsibility and even though that last derive of his kinda showed off what the panthers offense has to offer moves on christian mccaffrey bust free for his first playoff touchdown they have a lot of weapons to i the st defense just got the best of them in the end also there are a lot of questions and the nfl is investigating an incident with cam newton in the fourth quarter about half way through the fourth quarter we actually saw backup qb derek anderson all the field 4 third down because cam newton got crushed i mean this aides were after him old game but he did get crushed a one particular play and with the new league mandate that requires extra testing if a guy looks like he's showing any type of concussion symptoms he's off the field he goes through concussion testing but by the next series came noon is back on the field now the saints are saying it's not what you think it looked like it it's not it's not a concussion it all and came kinda tells you the story of what happened hit it was precautionary concussion protocol things that have but it wasn't behaves ma mayo hail mary ed came down a low enough obama highly any get purse players thumbed of lee's so if you remember the head he kind of got by the wave of the first guy and then slammed right into another new orleans saying kind of the second wave of defense that was common foreign and he says his helmet slipped down and when he went into the stomach of this defender it smashed that piece of the helmet into his eyes so it said he he said it felt like someone had poked team in the eye though that's not possible because he has an ice shield right so you can see that extra shield on his face mask but that's what it felt like and then he walks over toward the sidelines and he kinda goes down on one knee and that's where people start to talk about oh was he wa he was he was e it didn't look to me like the travis kelsea situation from the chiefs game which will talk about where he tried to get up and just didn't have it.

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