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Both the air and hurts flags in this competition I've just noticed. We speak maybe we've got a small following. That's good. If you're from Bosnia and Herzegovina neutral dot com. Why are you listening I? Mean we appreciate that you do we love the good. Glad to have you happy to have you. On Yeah keep going. Keep on truckin. Let's look at the overall. The overall writings unfortunately, I must read this. I thought the name was just venturing bought ass as in leading championship. It's not and he would never leave a championship anyway. It's voluntary Bell Terry Hot. US IS I in the form of the McGinley competition. From the Keeling Caucus Islands Caucus Keeling islands even. So a lot of diversity on AL board here. It's quite good. Sam Team Truth I wish there was a better name but SAM team to shortly wonderfully to SAM team. One. Third in the overall order is Suzanne forty four Louis. Mercedes. Fourth tracing point gone girl is fifth and x men infringing on copyright is sixth? which is very well a couple of other names that have caught my eye in one hundred, equal one, hundred, and ninety nine. Is a love. So Virus Forte. April one hundred nineteen pandemic jugular. ICING. You obviously a reference to the full ATEB. Hundred, I think we've had this one before from Russia with love. Last. Little reference to that great team. Hundred. Seventy fourth. Lick my reisig law. Then, that's the data link indifference. Leaking themed one in one hundred and Eighteenth Lick my livery also that yes. And then is. It W- on Equal A. Two hundred forty fifth the Rucci man, let's begin. Dreams I'm going to meet it would in the middle of that and then. I thought the game was broken, but then I realized everyone's talk on two, hundred, forty eight is. Well reversed greed. darned break my hotly. That's very good. That's good and then Sergeant Williams lonely rice team. As well, so that's That's a you bought up to fifty. Four, hundred and fifty fifth. So I, think I think I think climbing up. I think I was full seventy the other day Oh four hundred, seventy one heck. Look. Eric Well, not good evening Oh no wonder going well so I've got verstappen. Yeah that's good. Perez and Straw. Grows your home. Garage and then the clue oh that's not good. That's not. You need to clean out you need to come in and have a crash yet focus on Formula One. Watch out using my tape I'm fifty third by the way, which is not bad. I've been steady I think in the fifties. K. My team Staffan. Pretty Good Esteban Khan. Who Inexplicably Lost Valley this week despite having A. Career. High. Finish not jaw. Lender Norris derived Perez and stroll. Let's go points and Mercedes is my tape. So I I maybe I'll have to reflect on reflects on this although doing doing okay for now. I think it's OK. MIRELA. BOX NEUTRALS DOT com. Let's have a look at some. Ask McGinley's don't forget. Yes. You can still join me in the beginning. If you go to boxing DOT COM, check it out there. We've had a couple of email dean and the subject line for them does not contain the word unusual but was still etc. Roy's i-in joy checking the inbox because it's always correction it's all the. Corrections. They usually. This week is no exception. We've got one in from mock and the subject. He's a strategy pay name given the different names used to as the held in the same country under the covert arrangements. What would you name the second Australian pay simply stray in GP Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Jay perfectly reasonable option is going to be the. Dictator Dan. At this the natty psychology. I've already what's going on in the world is. Oh. Sorry. I'm on my maybe like that so What's topical are? Watching Formula One and. Burton. WHO's a big Fan? Much GonNa Television. Alcohol which is also getting a lot of higher education at the mode I e. Park is it's it's a winstone growing parade track. It's often where. People are running or they walk the dogs. And not pick up facing. So maybe could be the the dog walk grown break dog Walker gotta a good name Ex people look dogs they ellen rascal on our watch the news anymore because I'm a media blackout. The chance to get a dog involved in a new story that's It's always GonNa wind up and you could have instead of the anthem because you have two different anthem we're GONNA have to, but you could. You could teach whistle. We'll just. Gave Music. Man. With. The woman. That runs a you know that'd be good. I reckon something that don't walk around for it is count lights and exterior. We'll have to get some races fish. Baby steps. A message. In. Michael Click Ferrari. Interesting I. I don't know if that's my saying, wrong. Subject is concord agreement. This is falls into the correction. In fact it starts off with Bora statement the Concorde Agreement on has nothing to do with the French. British. Aviation Venture but the location of the first, these are the agreement, the Pasta Concord. If I officers Paris nineteen ninety-one go Ferrari tractor, BOJ. Less funny than the Ansett. Agreement? Over. The? Rhine agreement that should be twenty vision. That's the bugs. Budget cap agreement is the right air. I'll skip the astronaut happy with with Ryanair Aeros on twitter today all really is he gonNA data data Lincoln levels of unhappiness or. It's not surroundings bags. It was just more procedure sort of like you know they they do the coronavirus protocol in the plan that crime boss. Decides the bus company's problem after that is unfortunate, it's negative negatively Blake's. Box of neutrals on twitter as well. Don't forget. You can tweet US doing rice a good question from Dr Tim Clay. Why was there a fan of maximum staff and doing a shoe in the broadcast? You may have seen this on the fame off fake TV thing. Gold grown adults. US All that no. Yeah. Where did they? Where do these people come from I'm not convinced they reopen made didn't know people that listen to books of new. I just. I don't know who they have selected. Some kind of the sacred cabal. something. CONDOS sacred acting agency were they. These fake people just as those tweets on the on the on those screens in the in the garage or the podium. Like, it's not real. There's some kind of conspiracy going to get you five jade. Conspiracy theories it's there's a secret society, these fake. Heineken built. Am I wrong dirt from the big fan of the zipcars know. What's what's to say? Just just think if you had a real person if you had like a decayed. Who's like you'd I'd takes his shirt off for like. Pulls these pants handle something. It's risky. It's quite risky trading. Potentially. You could say someone the ball to a global audience of five, hundred, million people like it would be good. So maybe. They have to be to be a bad deal would be bad decision. I'll late late. Radio. Sacred. Way Fan when you an. Is Flawed. So all they sort of take forty sort of. Shows that just. Don't feel like they live on a Saturday afternoon radio answers have laws. They're all fight. Call is pre recorded on Tuesday? Yeah. Aric at all by. Can He? Is orchestrated because what real person sort of does the lights in Hewitt face to a camera and then stop. Is Ridiculous like. Like. SERIOUSLY IF I If I had an email come through from Hannukah job and they said, we will eat to pull a stupid fights for thirty kids. I feel. Like I'm not interested. Rather not. It's Iraq. You GotTa be skeptical. The world needs skeptics like up shapal. choosen, it's McKinley maybe you. Can set. At three thousand agrees it's almost set. Here,.

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