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To do things I'm talking about if I'm the nine us. And we just haven't conversation and I'm like you know what? I haven't eaten his blank blank blank in a while or I. Haven't. You know I love to get a foot rub when I get off work girl beg being killing me and you come home baby. You got feel you gotTa Look All set up baby or you gotta give cartons me to get a massage like more to come kitty exactly. Q.. And if Job He can do all of that. That's crazy that. Need to. Clean up the how you know. Exactly. GonNa now Jane. Come on. Now, Jamie you started by saying, all you want is a man out of listen. Now you didn't say you WANNA housekeeper cook a masseuse. What Jimmy hidden we everybody to each shot be married. The congratulations you know. A nice. Okay if I come home and Muslims God Produce Rolling Okay and all I got to do is come home from work it's my anthem. And he? Today. WanNa know. Dance Hannigan getting honey thinking about it I'm GonNa, go home and make that. Your own merit he y'all go home and. You Right. You're. Trying to get somebody good good a what. Yes. Ma'am. Okay. I'm what your Jana Alo this I'm GonNa Miss. A anonymous how you got to remain anonymous under radio you can give a fake name can't tell you what, what, what, what makes you? Speak or woman that can cook from scratch yes. A woman named and Cook from scratch my from like noodles in the microwave. Running from scratch like your corner modum all year that'll make my. We have anything I, house, Dan. We had any. y'All. Got It. Off. The understanding that we will talking my stimulation? Not Not? Talking to the women, my brother, but we appreciate the call and thank you. Everybody wants about you absolutely eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one Oh, five, one we're talking about what makes you a poon poon talk call us up now is the breakfast you have when please. Breakfast club top. Eight, hundred, five, hundred, five. Warning everybody is DJ Envy Angela Ye shall guy we are the breakfast club nephew just joined us We were talking to the city girls earlier this week and Charlemagne asked them about making a platform talk let's hear it. You keep talking about Utah Greg and I wanna ask you about something something in their record. You say on nothing but jasmine make up though none but bag meeting up with Dad said, did you just have casual conversation? Outlining to. Buy. Everything I. Miss. Go. But I soon, as you can see, a win earnings, say foremost slowly never broke. J. J. T. J. T. said if you go broke his will be saying very valid question. You know because that's the other thing to all of us didn't grow up with money and when you grow up in a certain environment you grew up in the hood grew up in a rural area in the country you ain't around a whole lot of brothers with money you. Brothers have to rely on other things. I said earlier you know you gotTa, you could be black and biggie say black ugly as ever however he's gotTa make sure you have a however you however isn't always tied to financials. I gotta be that as it got. You GotTa have a nice conversation. You gotta be a intellectual. You know what I mean share some books maybe. What did you say he makes you. Laugh but I also feel like ambition and haven't yet successes in whatever it is. That do I think that's attractive. Now, not taper ambition right I think is realistic ambition where you're actually. Have a plan and it's working but you might not be there yet. You. All right. Well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. WHO's this? This is Stephanie from Birmingham Hey Stephanie Good Morning. Now. We're asking what makes you a plume I feel like as yeah, you should ask. Andrew. So. Basically, what makes it is by intellect and if you love me correctly and just good conversation gas. Station I like that. Tell me how you love someone correctly I think I'm doing it right with tell me. When you? Record is basically you value them you speak to all of their dreams ambitions and help them the better. The better part of does true Indie, which you on that one hundred Priscila right when you're when you're pouring into a person not that tackling love but love. Hello who's this hi, my name's Catherine Take Katherine Katherine. Talking about what makes you YOU ASK So we're talking about our city girls interview and what makes your poem from talk so initially, like I think society has really just set up our young people to think backwards if you're dating somebody at a young age is very rare. You're gonNA find somebody who's got money in their pockets who combined you you're g wagon, whatever. So on and so forth. So you really gotTa, build that man and help him out to get. where he needs to be women are so quick to just tossed aside and say, you don't have what it, what it needs to take care of me. But as a grown woman, a man with money shows that a man is on his grind that he is working towards something that he has the intellect and the ability to get out there and get things done and I think that's what attracts women to a man with money. Right and the power that comes right and the power that comes with it. So to me I think we're talking about age differences here and really what you're looking for comparative to somebody WHO's young and somebody who's grown looking for what they need through Indie. DOCO will thank you. Let's get it. Hello. WHO's this oh? This is King of the Moon how you guys doing. Okay you got money. I'm those causing real quick I wanna hit the point Definitely. Intellect stimulates me company about that. I WANNA talk about. Does. I do have postponed but that's Another talk. I. Wait a minute. Shower, men sound listening. I've been trying to call for the past one week to get my point across and the only thing I wanted to say was I, think we're losing the war as black people. On. Talking about intellect logic and the risen as right now I think everything just pay off and I think we don't have is try to g good. Tom. Who is the news reporter that used the N. word everybody. So mad at DOT news reporter that people fail to forget that she's just the messenger I am more added for the five that you brought them news man we're trying to talk about pooh-poohing. Allen. Let's. Say Talking. About you call it on a Friday derail enough from a great boom boom boom boom conversation, right? Here about that right now you. Know that I want talk about the boom boom. Nothing on my good. poonam in. We know what you meant. We know what you meant. What's the moral of this story guys, Marlins, stories. Thank you to my wife for loving me when I was broke That's why I now that we.

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