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Two to six pm he'd have fish and chips and beans really donating extra with tips do otherwise much as maybe he made a clip on i'm baynes it was a different clause nine pm he has a club sandwich poverty pint of coke and six bucks crisps wow this is steve nicol who won five i division titles three if a cups and european cup and played at the world cup scotland i did see the eight fourteen banks crispus at one sitting and the reason he stopped because he ran out i mean this is normal in the day like fourteen nothing it does make you wonder if the key to catching city next season could be the humble potato crisp yeah yeah just look at josie the dutch girl the mascot of the netherlands versus england game and if you saw that picture now of course you did yeah before the game the cameras roll down the two sides and the they have eleven mascots as well as players now and the first one this lovely upskill the vs and stuck at the camera and you stuck with from feed and yet i was surprised by some of the responses to be i mean most people loved it but there were one or two surprise me chris pay said i guess everyone will smile and say cheeky little thing cool me old fashioned but i found find it sad disrespectful and the poor reflection on her parents out fashioned.

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