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Services during autism month which October when they will. We'll have like Halifax and Deborah Adams in town Saints Prison TESCO's all having protect time where people can go in and the lights will be doomed. The benign tunnel announcements announcements and just allowing people to access local services that have autism. These things are really important because personally I was diagnosed diversity at fifteen so bat gannon later diagnosis than mice. It wasn't really directed in the direction of anything so knowing this kind of things this would have been really helpful back then is is now really in navigating. These things travel I've previously. I've not been on a plane in years because Easterby so stressful now but now I know that the options open to me because these things are available I think that's the to me to me. That's the most important thing is around The more you know on the more people can can be aware of and the easy we can make that because in terms of too often it it can be near lodged loss pretty stressful In terms of guy certainly If you were to tell us as well having having a child with with with special educational needs in terms of that they have navigate or haven't additional support in in school or mission was also accessing services so then having the time then Google and search and do your own research. She's just you know I. It's it's putting a lot on family so the easy we can make that is in the easy. We can make it to navigate the system. I mean those examples are Nearly every single day where. We're discovering things I mean I'm working in the in in Bedford for quite a long time and I'm still discovering more and more services that I think are funny. I knew that I could think about two families of supported in the past and gone. You know I wish I knew that then. And that's I think so. It's not just this is just as important. I think clinicians tell us that all the time in terms they wished they could direct people to certain places have a look on this for certain areas We've got some really powerful stories of a mother who is on the phone to some of them early helping on Wall Street both on the phone together. They were both on the local offer looking up services and going over this this activity they could do or there's an autism screening Bedford in beverage anywhere that you could access address. Those are things that actually it makes front line delivery of services easier as what it does for instant information and if and so if I know cams obviously we've got a lot of our information about the services that we run but we're all so we're able to actually keep that information up today on way so organizations can can actually update their own information on the local four websites at right. SOCIA- your gap when you if you old as -ation it's new. We have a white that you can ring your email me. We can send that out over. We can talk to her over over the phone. Once you've registered which takes about hoffa lower maybe at the very most and that's where you put your information on and everything then then. The page comes through to myself. Chris and we'll approve and then like say Nikki is then you have the ability to update on. I had to score on the find this morning pagent and then when I was like yeah then problem all approve it now and there were update in late on the afternoon say schools compete. Details is about opening. Dan's we wear advertising things like at this podcast obviously We've all films that we've made with young people about about mental health. So it's not. It's not just think you raise the point earlier lucy before we start recording but we were talking about. It's not just special. Education patient needs it. We're actually you know oversee promote in mental health services as well. Yeah which is good. Because there's actually a lot of crossover between those kind one of things as well as I think it's important to cover as much ground as you can definitely I mean the the users Scum service films all on there And that was something that young people in I met with people who told me that certainly young people with more difficulties accessing information mation just in dense texts just didn't work for them They wanted information and content to be there In video form and I just the group not contact around that So obviously we're really fortunate in in in this local area in this group to be able to be able to go. We'll just pull this information on but The key thing then also around making sure that it is easy to find so one of the things that I think appreciate the time last week when when we all met was I was going through the keywords such functions because actually just going through making sure that anything that a young person might search for pulled him into the right direction say And on just picking up on Lucy's point we the local for should work for in terms of you know it it should work for. Es We have a duty to make sure there is up-to-date ESPEC- especially for those with special educational needs and disability And that is all focused. But if we're promoting inclusive groups and activities not in some of them yes may have You need to have certain needs to access they set groups but it should be a case of. You should be able to go then. You should hopefully find something you would be. We hope for all of our early help services for families on the list of information about social care and different up to support the economic says through children's services information about thresholds around here where where to go for different things how to act as early help So I mean all of that is as relevant relevant for four families without special educational needs disabilities. It just means that you know a a main focus those Also those families. We know we've children with special education disabilities or families with children who need or uneven to ask maybe specialist services or additional services. That's where we want to warn them to be. You're looking at a local offer because we want to be able to go. Actually I want to go to place. No one to find bill to find some services I can do and obviously making sure that we are then linked into the white people so we have a section. Yes on comes and to move formation very brief show of information but we then have your website so you can actually go and find much links nice to wall of the organization's website provides you with all the contact date house. I'm I'm right in thinking that you can access all of this information in how many languages however many is google translate allows us to say We think nearly all but is awesome thing to our accessibility of our website. Someone that we are constantly working on towards we're quite pleased that you can translate it Two different different languages and that you can enlarge the text the text smaller or change it to different colors depending on whether people are colorblind or find on the Egypt to read text in certain things But we do not. We don't currently have text to speak Election or we could make you start easy so we are constantly. He worked for developers to see whether or not we can make even more accessible because of sleep for the very nature of the website. We want it to be able to be accessed by one of the things things why some of the people that were were going and testing with and some of our taxes won't before we did it. Were those education care plans those who are in some of our And further education provision to make sure they are able to navigate around it because again it's no point having a website that Those that's very much for O'Connor even accesses so so safe anyone that's listening to this podcast Then goes on to your website and has any ideas they can they can give you some feedback. Come night just plays with totally open to any feedback. It doesn't always have to be good because if people don't tell us that something's wrong or if they don't feel and we're not going to know so says a feedback option on on. The website does yeah they can just fill out and that will come through to us and you're really active on twitter on a sorry just going back sorry and then being open and transparent we will. Then we'll we'll then at that the you said we did section I K so you anybody can say the feedback received. So can you just tell us again then. Your aw there twitter name so presumably people can follow is at Bedford local off one say at Bedford Local O.. F. One okay on the website address is. WWW don't local offer bedford took off to E. K.. Olafur case lovely. Any other questions guys. Well thank you question. I just wanted to say one more thing. 'cause I guess it's a good way to kind of conclude because knowledge is power and it's almost exciting in a way when you think about how many different services there are out there. How many different opportunities there are for every single person and unlike my journey as well? That's been really important to me so I didn't even know this existed until my cbt therapist told me about it and this has been a really positive thing for me. So it's just it's really really important is you can't really stress how important it is to make this accessible to people Sunday I think One of the things again. We we know that for the services that we've gone there are still plenty on say. Please please please do tell us if there is any services mrs that you are accessing that you feel should be on the Lakewood offer. More people should be aware of and that we don't but also just as importantly if this is working properly it should inform commissioning service should also inform if people are constantly searching for services not coming up as telling us. There's a gap in our local area looking for some support and it's not available Alioune. You've contacted our local offer. Officer sources had a look and she says no available that gets fed back in to US Commissioners to say. Do you know what people are asking us for for further support around and it could be Something else that we had their own I for parents in terms of if we were talking about three or four months ago they'd sensory processing needs is something that was they were telling us. There was a gap for. They were searching for information locally. So we've as a result been able to look and commissioning further parents sessions as a direct resort. What people are searching for the local again said needs to be living? Breathing is not just a directory. It's a case of you know. Tell us if the stuff. That's not on their Oscar Oscar. If you think there should be information television as a service that is needed in the local area We really really really do want to hear from people because again this is. This is a full the local area And hopefully is going to be continually evolved so we will meet him of young people fearful feel four times throughout the year with parents have three or four times a year. There's there's opportunity for people to feedback to US consistently and constantly really okay. That's absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for taking the time to to come alone an to chat with us today. And `and yeah just to play for everybody out there then. Identify the gaps in the service. If you feel there are any or if you'd like to promote your own service for children young people report I'm families then get in touch with social and Chris at Pepper Barra. Thank.

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