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Well, I would agree with that. But there's a They've already talked that out and that was discussed ago. Competitive imbalance standpoint. There's so much loss of money that the players will assume that risk for the reward of not having $175 million Sarah cap across the board that's already been negotiated. Is it subject to change? If you had a commission? I really ran the league. And not a few owners. You could probably get that done. But that's not the case here. So the other thing is with baseball, which Jeff Passan his reporting. Is that they're going to go to these double bubbles, and the question would be what they do it like the Giants play the Dodgers in a one age That 1 may not be involved. Which would be, I guess kind of the wild card round. But it beam or in the next round the division round the championship shares the World Series. So they're talking about doing what the N B a in the NHL ir doing for their postseason to ensure that revenue No, it passed, and he's almost saying that it's a done deal is that Houston and Arlington will be the National League Bubbles in L. A. And San Diego. Will be the American League bubble and the world. Siri's Bubble will be in Arlington, which is just an incredible stadium that Globe life field a new one they have is just amazing. But you are going into California, Texas, which is hot beds there, But you're gonna you know, bubble the players to ensure the payday of the postseason. I'm not going to say, John, you and I were at least I was and I think you were a swell Maybe for different reasons. Just we were highly skeptical. That baseball could do this for a lot of reasons, and there were times where I thought they got to shut this down. You got the Marlins? You got the Cardinal's You've got other teams impacted. I mean last weekend, the New York Yankees did not play baseball. They're playing the Mets right now trying to make it up. But you had a whole weekend where the Yankees did not play. How much of this can you absorb and still have Ah, product on the field, and you know some of your start players and franchises. But there I think they're going to get through it now. I think because they're just not spreading it as much by playing it. There are isolated outbreaks that are concerning and they've just got a month to go. I mean, the playoffs start in late September are the wildcard rounds, So they just got a month ago. And then if they go into this bubble format I mean, it's so it seems like it. I don't want to, You know, jinx everybody, But it seems like baseball is more than halfway there that they may be able to pull this off, and I I thought there was really unlikely. For most of the summer, and certainly even when the season started, and you had mass outbreaks on multiple teams will remember the first weekend of the year when the Marlins have that outbreak. Prop Manfred Told executives. You better have alternative programming ready because we might have to shut this thing down from that point. Bob Nightengale reports this morning for the first time no positive test among MLB players this week. So they've done a hell of a job. The NFL I finally got the hard knocks last night. They've done a hell of a job. Matt Mediocre reported this morning. 112 NFL players one on the Koven 19 let list On July 26 Today, 111 players been cleared off the list. Jaguars tackle Ryan Pope went on July 28th is the only player remains on the list. They've done a phenomenal job and we already know what's going on in the MBA in the NHL. They've done a phenomenal job in sports in in understanding. This is a quick session in the people who have put it together. Astounding job, Amigas, eh? They're they're spending enormous money. Enormous money to test I've already been tested five times whom I Why am I any more important than anybody but that you know, Jimmy Garoppolo gets tested every single day any well for another week. I mean, you just wish those kind of financial resource is were put into the The public and just basic American citizens so they could be tested like this. But it's because there's so much money available. There's so much money on the line that they're doing this and so yeah, it's it's you got to say that baseball is close to pulling this off and if they could get to Maybe the hardest part is behind them, and now they figured out a lot of the protocols. Why don't we play the game? Guys are more serious about it. And if they go to this double bubble now for the playoffs, John you I'm not going to say they're going ensure it, But I think either way there's a mindset because baseball had some rocky waters there. I mean, the Marlins are shutting down. Carla Cardinals are bad. It's impacting other teams. Fillies in nationals aren't playing for a long chunk. The Yankees aren't playing because the Mets are involved and you gotta be thinking. What are we doing here? But I think the mindset was once they got through the initial. Where is going we're just gonna push on here and you just gotta hope nobody gets irreparably. Damaged by this, whether it's heart long whatever it attacks on the whole body, But I think there's a mindset in sports that we are going to push through it. And as you say the numbers are minuscule, and it's because the The dollar numbers are so massive that they're spending so much money to have these guys tested. You know, In some sports, they get tested every single day. It doesn't seem like a month. But if you think about it like this, I think about this last night, there will be no way to explain to people who were not here on Earth. To explain how crazy this has been because since they started just over a month ago We've had obviously the covert 19. We've had civil unrest, stop games, and we could have had smoke stop games here because of the air quality was so poor in a number of these days. It's just been absolutely the craziest thing you could ever think of. And I'm not even talking about sports just in general to try to explain to people this But when The history of sports is written in the history of baseball has written this will be a chapter in it. And if you didn't live through it, I think it's inexplicable. I don't know how you could tell someone sit down with somebody saying this. This is really what happened and this is what they had to do. And then they did a bubble in the postseason and people go. What the hell you're talking about, Like they couldn't they couldn't potentially or possibly Relate to what's going on. Right now. It's crazy. One year old and gray and your grandkids. Grampa. Johnny, Tell me about 2020. What happened then? I mean, seriously, you got a year We're gonna be here awhile. Get comfortable grab a sleeping bag and a pillow. Like God, It's just It's unreal. I mean they from and I was very critical from that first week when the Marlins have the outbreak, and I thought, Are they not prepared? They get this? Now where they basically don't have any tests. Everything is negative, which is positive and to go through all these other things that they've gone through as a sport and continue and not only continue their not right now, it seems They're not just stumbling through. This is a strong as they've been, and then, like you said, Now they're getting to a point where the same Okay, Here's the bubble situation that weaken that we can do in the postseason and if they can get to that point That's that's pretty good. Based on what the MBA in the NHL have accomplished, so Give baseball credit. I don't know if I want to give Rob Manford credit, but I'll get baseball credit. Powers that be. They've done a heck of a job of this whole thing. So we'll talk to bags to the bottom of the hour specifically about the Giants in the sweep yesterday, also the latest on Joey Bart. Some numbers have come out for his first week and we didn't get a chance..

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