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97 7, stay connected, stay informed. Good afternoon, three 31 from the northwest 24 hour news center. I'm Jeff Poe to let here's what we're following. Police are trying to figure out who killed a 26 year old man from Renton after he was found shot to death this morning in Kent. Seattle time supports a 9-1-1 caller heard sounds of a gunshot and that a person was found lying in the parking lot of an apartment complex on a 111th place southwest. No suspects have been arrested at this point. Anyone with information is asked to call police. A 70 year old man rescued after falling through the ice at Billy clapp Lake east of ephraim and grant county earlier this week, sheriff's office says the man was trying to rescue his dog, which had fallen through the ice when he fell through himself. Bystanders were able to use a canoe to bring the man to shore he was taken to a hospital and treated for hypothermia the dog was able to get out on his own and is now safe. Family and friends of 27 year old Jessica Valdez are remembering the mother of three after she was killed in a fatal car crash with a forklift in north Seattle earlier this week. Paul Rivera spoke with her sister. She didn't deserve this. I mean, none of the people who were involved deserved what happened to them, just so randomly. That day, but it just seems like such a preventable incident that it just, you know, consequences need to be handed out. Jessica was described by those who know her as a fun, happy person who joked around. They say she laughed a lot. She had many friends, many family members. The forklift driver faces vehicular homicide and DUI charges. There's a growing effort to ban penalties for jaywalking. Those who support the idea say enforcement unfairly affects majorities and the poor as well as the homeless. Whether or not we pass this bill, people are still going to jail because they live in communities that haven't streets to protect or serve them. The group called transportation choices is one of the main backers of this effort. They hired an independent analyst who found that black jaywalkers were stopped by police four times as much than their share of the population. Is used for something akin to stop and risk and punishes people. Daring to live in communities where we haven't provided adequate and safe infrastructure for them to get around. Yeah, transportation workers and law enforcement officers

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