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And I thought one of the things that was incredibly striking about this instant was just how quickly armed officers were on the scene robots and our London correspondent the Afghan defense ministry says Taliban militants have taken over an army base in northern Ferrier province after two days of heavy fighting at least seventeen soldiers have been killed and fifteen wounded during the attack. His show up Sharifi local officials told the BBC the Taliban storm the base in March from different directions, killing in wounding, many of the hundred soldiers stationed there. The governor of Aaron active Lafayette told the BBC up to fifty soldiers had to surrender because they. They did not receive reinforcements five days ago. The Taliban attacked and captured parts of Grozny a strategically important cities. South of Kabul I've on security forces have since been trying to force the Taliban out on the government says it's now in control Schwab Sharifi reporting a year ago today after three days of torrential rain, there was an enormous mudslide just outside the capital of Sierra Leone Freetown more than one thousand people were killed, and many more were left homeless correspondent Omar for fodder has been funny out how those who survived the tragedy, a coping. Wrong. Forgiving, remembering those lifts behind the pain is still fresh. Malaita camera lost his wife, two children and dozens of other relatives, his back to pray for their souls. But all he could do was weep. Six o'clock. The film, my prayer and as a driver, I went to work, he was only later, but I was told about the slide returned to find that my house disappeared swallowed up by the mountain. I felt like my whole world ended after performing the seventh year rights to Telephone Co. from the central hospital, the my son is still alive. Life. This is melody sound Daniel learning to walk on crutches the live in an unfinished building, not far from the scene of the disaster Donyell survived, but by the skin of his teeth, the scars are all over his body. His left leg has been unprotected to the tie while is rights. Thai-born also broke, and it's still being mended his left arm is only hanging while the backhand is card. So is his back. He said in brand full. Recalls the names of fence used to play with who tied in the mudslide Daniel laments that he's no longer able to play like you're still. We days. I mean, my mom, she styles in border. We were home sleeping your bus at around six o'clock. My father worked for morning prayers. Then he left at this time. There was a heavy storm. Not long after I looked to my mum, we could not find her. I won't stick outside to look for. That was when I felt something lifting me up and crash landing me on a rock. I screamed calling for help. My leg and armor Burkan. This other like was smashed. This is not how it was born. I can no longer run around and play like other children. I don't feel happy about it, but I remain courageous. Did I..

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