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Sight hearing them apart nine thirty one CBS news update house Democrats released a report with their findings on the impeachment investigation into president drums dealings with Ukraine the document was written by democratic staffers on the house intelligence foreign affairs and oversight committees as correspondent Natalie brand reports said three hundred page report culminates a two month investigation and argues president trump use the power of his office to apply increasing pressure on the president of Ukraine to investigate a campaign rival Joe Biden house Intel committee voted to endorse the report tonight the house Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing in the morning attorney in Loyola law professor Laurie Levenson with more on the four people who will appear at the hearing these are not fact witnesses these are the experts and they're coming in and saying this isn't just the Democrats making up charges historically these could stick as impeachable offenses the hearing begins at ten AM eastern CBS news update on that Piper okay CBS news time nine thirty two as soon as watch continues we'll recently a couple living in an RV at their relatives home in Menlo Park was forced to move it's a story symptomatic of the working poor throughout the bay area his key CBS is Margie Shafer reports the mayor of Menlo Park is teaming up with the county supervisor to put forward a solution park has a long standing no overnight parking lot which predates the housing crisis so in Menlo Park mayor ray Mueller tried to get an extension through the holidays for residents living in an RV in the Belle haven neighborhood he was shot down now he and San Matteo county supervisor Warren Slocum have identified it but angel safe transitional site where the working poor could park their vehicles is looking at the USGS site here in Menlo Park US yes is in the process of moving item off the field Miller and Slocum will discuss the idea at a meeting this week with Congress woman and as you know more more homeless living out your Facebook in fields there but I have not heard and number account of people who are in cars and I think that's probably because the cars move around as for the couple and Belle haven in an RV they tell KCBS they put their items in storage rented a hotel room for the next three days and they've sold their R. V. with mechanical issues to a homeless man in Menlo Park Margie Shafer KCBS salvation army and bart teaming up to try to reduce homeless and drug addiction by collecting red kettle donations inside bart stations now KCBS is Tim Ryan reports on the launch of the partners for change program of the Powell street station in San Francisco why does system wide are asked to drop a few coins a few Bucks or even transit tickets with their credit remaining into the kettle donations says mark Ford president Devin dusty will fund addiction housing and other services there are a lot of that are on the street almost eight thousand and so what salvation army offers a shelter six hundred seventy nine drug treatment beds and ending in the in the world substance abuse treatment when someone's ready you don't want to put them on a waiting list army commander during Norton says the East Bay donations will find East Bay programs same for the South Bay you can expect changes when you put money in a separation army cattle because we take that money it will all state and the local community in which it's given and it will be used to help a pressing needs the first salvation army kettle was put to use here in San Francisco it was eighteen ninety one going to a massive charitable program last year one hundred forty million dollars of Palfrey bart station Tim Ryan KCBS millions are taking part in a global day of donating to charity KCBS is Jim Taylor as the details of giving Tuesday.

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