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Live in the AllState skyline studio here, Friday morning after three thirty, we're gonna start our regular features Vicks picks we're gonna find out what vixen listening to as he has educating himself with in the world of music, and we've got straight out of context. Not show spies, you big dummy, and fly James Friday, all coming up for your Friday morning right now. We're talking about HBO HBO when h H B O shows, they have been ranked by by by Volker dot com, the website and we're going through them, and then we're gonna hit the top twenty here, but we got a couple of texts here Carey says showing my age, but first and ten funny, young delta delta Burke was crazy. Hot. Seventy seven three hundred and said John from Cincinnati was weird. Yes, it was it was very weird. Our list is one of my favorite shows of all of all time. Okay. Seven seven three. So here's the top twenty Cording vulture of the, the best HBO shows insecure fantastic show. It's a Ray. It's, it's it a fantastic show. Very excited to see how it goes along jeopardy wise because it, it really is very fresh. Yeah. Yeah. Nineteen rome. Which was a show that I liked, but didn't think it was as great. Eighteen high maintenance. I don't even know this show. Oh, so surtout as a web series, right? That's what it says here. Yeah. And it, it was about a guy like literally just little vignettes of him delivering pot to his customers. He's a pod dealer, but oh it's, it's actually really really is it. Yeah, it's fascinating. Seventeen Silicon Valley, which I love. Sixteen. I'm really glad to see how high this one is succession of succession, awesome. It is going to get into that greatest of all time category. And it comes back of being in a couple of weeks. Yeah. Fingers crossed that seconds the second season is because I it's funny because Feinberg. And I when we really like show, we champion it. We've talked about succession lot as curing Hawkins in that, right? He's great hills. Great in it. And Brian Cox come on, man. But, you know, everybody except for Feinberg, and I think it's thing everybody thinks it's a drama like everybody's putting it into the drama candy. That's a comedy. Succession is a comedy. It's hilarious to leave ably funny. Fifteen boardwalk empire if anything because they put Steve echemende lead role. You know what I mean? The guy never gets the lead role, fourteen six feet under which was a great show. Hey, look at how thirteen berry, yes. All right. We're making it happen. Yeah. So great. Twelve the deuce. Very high on the list of. Yeah. I love that show. Now, here's here's here's I'm so glad to see this one in the top twenty because truly this is probably in my top five of all HBO shows enlightened, I loved that show. Mike white, Mike white is a guy that has a very distinctive writing and directing style. And I respond to it. Big time. The the. Batery at dinner was, it was fantastic. And he also did the oh, God. What was the name of the Ben Stiller movie where he takes the kid to go to college? Oh Brad status. Yeah. Love it. Yeah. Loved it. But it he's very, you know, when you're watching, you know, when you're watching something that might white wrote will. Yeah directed. He's, he's. Ned. Shneebly. Yeah. That, that's that. That actually movies kind of uncharacteristic in terms of well, he didn't direct it. He wrote it though he did. He didn't know he did he wrote it. But, like enlightened hit, all of those sort of new agey kind of targets that he that he's so fascinated with and inextricably, Inari performance by by Laura Dern. Extraordinary. I, I love enlightened I love both seasons on DVD and actually there on the they're displayed on the bottom of my TV stand at home. Ten oz. Yeah. Great show. J K Simmons, man nine veep. Yep. Absolutely eight game of thrones. Yeah. People are going to get over the finale and they're just going to have to look at it as seven curb your enthusiasm. It's a pants pants tent. It's kind of. Yeah. The pants tent, but there's so many of those things. But I'm telling you, man. It's comedy gold every single time Suzy screams at him and swears at him. It's just my fits my favorite stuff in the show, her Jeff garland. We're in a recent episode of cash cab celebrity were, they really that's pretty funny six sex in the city. Now, the show that I thought state outstayed its welcome, and certainly didn't need have to stupid movies, five. The leftovers great show, took me a while to get on board with that very Koon, man. Gary Coon for the Larry's the Larry Sanders show. Man, I that show. Yeah. Three, the wire, the hell you talking about three. I, I knew what the top ten we're before you read. That's you're gonna get the wire three. Come on. Volkher. To deadwood. I look, I love deadwood. It's not as good as the wire, but I loved Ed Wood. And the number one is the sopranos which I I'm not surprised by that. I figured I thought gig at the wire would be number two but. But yeah, well there you go. Every single every single HBO show is ranked. Yeah. But they didn't. They didn't have that Ricky debates. Maybe they didn't count it. The, the animated Ricky as I mean, John Oliver is not on there. Well, yeah, it's, it's I think it's because they counted as like a talk show this going with, like scripted I got comedies. Yeah. Instead of. Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense because John Oliver would John Alfred certainly has one of the best shows on HBO one of the best shows on TV. Yeah. One of their most successful endeavors, honestly, the last ten years, and it's so brilliant every week, so brilliant. All right. Well there it is right there, where should have been number one Song San. All right, Omar coming, let's take a break and the news is coming up after this, and then we're going to get into vick's head with Vicks picks. What is he listening to in the music world? We'll find out after news, which is next siding windows, doors, leaking basements. That need to be replacing chipmunks messing up your yard, no matter. What's going on in and around your.

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