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To go to that shell pentium performance line it'd be joined by look very few people that can say this joined by the greatest player in the history of the jacksonville jaguars you energized he's a finalist for the pro football hall of fame the sheeran does some work uh calling games for the jacksonville jaguars on the radio side it's tony boselli second overall pick in 1995 tony thanks for being with us this has got to be an electric time in the city of jacksonville really for the first time since you were a dominant player there i mean out so yes was muslim that's how long it's been less than we went through the nfc championship pack i always point that's a long time ago it is it's it's a huge moment in jack spoke for the fans for the franchise because as you guys know you got a couple of his post as anybody it's been a ten years since i made the playoffs and it's not just ten years of barely missing in his ten years of pretty bad football time so for them to go from three wins last year to uh the apes jim giving us the patriots is you to pretty unreal listen there's a lot of credit to go round but to me this one i all i got a lot of it to the people putting this team together rarely do you see the move makers there make the right moves both in free agency and in the draft and they they have been hit on all cylinders last couple of years no you're right i mean it's it's going to work in progress now they brought in com back this year uh cooks kachler i still refer to him just because i don't feel like dealing with his ira in the hallway his uh uh a big part of it i mean just as credit to use for the.

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