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The celery juice. Yeah. Yes. See? Okay. So we have some trips now to feel a little bit better after eating all that a whole bunch of other things. So there are a lot of celebrations over the weekend. The Hubbard party Jason had a holiday party. How was the Hubbard party? It was delightful. You know, we were talking about this. This is what I love about where we work. It's kind of like it's so unique right. Broadcasting. Here at Hubbard. It's old school. Right. It's so the holiday celebration, you would expect nothing less, and we were actually talking to some lovely women who were working the event. Right. So it's at downtown at the Hilton do a wonderful spread. There's like this big beautiful like cocktail hour. That's got all the lake cocktail shrimp. You can eat for days. It's just you be drink tickets, very clients thing. And then they open it up for a big dining room. And then there's a sit down dinner, and then they had a little bit of a program, and there's a little light entertainment, followed by some snacks and nibbles and then they have casino night bright. So it's just like a really fun holiday party. But we were talking to two of the women who are working the event, I'm because they're our listeners highlight. And we were like, so is this typical this kind of how are you doing this a lot and she's like, no this is like one of a kind. It's very rare for companies to still. Go all out and do a big holiday celebration like this. Yeah. And so everyone from other departments, this is I I had to miss this year and last year, but every year, it's always so much fun to go and see everyone and be out with the action. And it's just sad that I'm like I had to visit again. Well, it's okay. It'll be there next year. Five hundred employees here f y I know, but that's what's so fun about it is that yet to see everybody at what? So it's a huge party. It really is huge. And it's really cool because like we get to see the people over on the TV side that we don't normally see we can see all the people that work behind the scenes that we don't normally get to interact with much but still make sure that the lights are on and everything is working. So that we can flip on a microphone and act like boobs. You forget just how many people it takes to make that happen. And again, you know, you've got this family who's been in the business. I'm always obsessed with the history that like Mr. Hubbard will bring his he'll come up, and I was gonna say did he get up and say something? Joe? A salty jokes. Okay. Bangs did though from ks ninety five oh, she she got up and did a little stand up routine for like five or ten minutes because Mr. Hubbard didn't want to tell the naughty jokes. So Vang's do it. Yeah. That's good. But he always brings the history and reminds us that like. You know, there was a time when there was no television. Right. It's just fascinating to think you're sitting in a place that goes all the way back to the beginning of broadcasting. So it was it. It's just it's a slice of Americana. It's a slice of like, you know, broadcasting history that's just really enjoyable to also have a really fun photo booth there too. A lot of. Some of the all sorts of half a. Yeah. You need to look at Bradley's Instagram because you have some really cute pictures of you and Ali and Kaleen. We we had a lot of fun. We did I like to avoid the hats because I'm afraid of lice. Oh. Fellow.

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