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In the money, just isn't there to get you through the next twenty or thirty years, you need some additional income the way that you do that first of all you get the proper education, you have to learn the right strategies in the right assets to use to generate income that's different than the kind of investing that you do for your long term wealth, and we cover both of those in these workshops, we go over the reasons that people aren't generating income, and it's primarily because you are positioned in the wrong assets, the wrong strategy by Wall Street, it it's it's a strategy that benefits them in any market condition because you're paying fees. Even if you're losing money in the down downmarket, you're paying fees. But if you if you understand how to get your arms around your own money, you can eliminate those fees for one thing. And then we'll show you how to make money in a downmarket shorting is one way of doing that. That's one of the things that we talk about in these free classes, and we'll explain that. And explain why you need to know how to do something like shorting or it could be an option strategy or it could be a what we call an inverse ETF an exchange traded fund, very similar to a mutual fund goes the opposite direction of the underlying index or sector, well, Ellen talking about a need for a second income Aguirre tear, there's listeners out there. There's some that that really do love their job. They just don't make enough money to do the things that they've always wanted to do. And I'm I'm sure there's other listeners out there that, you know, have a boss that they can't stand in really don't like their job. And they're looking for a plan b they're looking for something that they can transition. Too. But the key here is to always have that plan b that you can fall back on with extra income. Absolutely. Their plan b should be a supplemental or a second income a an additional source of income. It doesn't have to be from a another job. And unfortunately, that's what most people do if you want to boost your income you either work overtime. You get maybe a second or third job. And and what that does it takes time away from your family from your friends and doing the things that you want to do if you can generate more income than you could by having a second job. Maybe in that second job you put what another fifteen twenty hours a week into doing that away from your family. Maybe only an hour a week or a couple of hours a week you can generate more income than that. And have all of that free time to do what you want. You know, you mentioned some of our students have jobs that they love that that don't pay enough to really give them the lifestyle that they would like to have. Well, you can use the markets. To kind of fun that that extra income once you learn the strategy. You learned how to follow the rules that in part in re you get back to those rules a second because that was the biggest impediment. I think to be successful for the majority of the people that tried to invest on their own are their emotions, your emotions are going to get you into a trade at the wrong time keep you in too long or get you out too soon by following a set of rules that takes that emotional tr- part of the trading out of the the the equation. And that's what you have to do. If you want to be successful that also diminishes the amount of time that you have to you have to put into this. And by the way, Wall Street follows a plan, they're they're very precise about the price. They want to pay for something. They know exactly what the prophet is that they want to achieve and they also know what lost. They're going to accept because loss risk and loss is a part of investing. You can't get away from that. But you can manage. And that's what the the big banks and institutions do they're fine taking a small loss because they know their gains fire exceed that and the number of losses are much much smaller than the than the wins that they have. So let's give some more passes away and get people started down the the right path. You're exactly right L in right now, we've got the three hour class at L reference coming to where the academy is actually located in in Bloomington as well as a location near you in that class classes, real see exactly what it takes to generate that consists them consistent income, no matter what the market is doing in just a second..

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