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That with Joe Biden let's go back to cut ten from the bite in press conference go right ahead we believe in freedom of religion that's why end of the Muslim man we believe in free speech that's all in the gag rule the global gag dreads money from getting and NGOs we would talk about family planning we believe in the power of free press that's well return immediately the daily press briefings in the White House the state department and the defense department now that's not particularly tough since they work hand in glove since it is the Pretoria guard Democrat party media so big deal but trump actually provides the media more access to him then Obama ever did and then Biden ever did even now Biden's been deal is is under the control of handlers because he's such a more they want to stick to a script trump has no script he has no script it's remarkable and he'll go out before it gets on the helicopter or whatever it is in a car and he will go up to the press and he will talk to them the reason he doesn't have a formal press conference anymore is because it Jim Acosta because the cost was dip disrupting these these press conferences and the ability to actually have press interaction with the present the United States president says okay I'll go to the press rather than the press come into the into the so called a press conference room I'll deal with that way so they've had more access to him than they ever had to open a member bomb I would go for it for ever without a president when he did maybe get three questions because he would purposely filibuster and lecture and calm the sent you learn nothing from an Obama press conference any was never interrupted never he treated with respect unlike trump who's never treated with respect and never has been by this so called free press so I just wanted to underscore the point as a Biden slurs his way through another speech they're not for freedom of religion there is no Muslim ban tell why they're not for freedom of speech they barely ever talk about the activities going on on our college campuses among other places I'd love nothing more than a gag talk radio in the gag the fox news channel it's a funny thing we hear on and on and on and I pointed out of my book on and on and on trump's attack on the press and there's many points to be made about that which I make and yet when they attacked the fox news channel the people who attacked the fox news channel I never ever said to be anti press I never ever said to be like dictators because that's okay because fox is the one place that does not throw in with the rest of the media now some other hosts do and certainly some other guests do but as it but as an institution it doesn't let's get back to the substance story there is something that has been bother naming many things obviously but from a prosecutorial perspective where was the state prosecutor where was the state prosecutor you know this Palm Beach community I don't live in the Palm Beach community but this Palm Beach community is a very tight knit community very liberal very Democrat very rich it's like the Hollywood in the east coast they like their expensive cars they're expensive homes are expensive clothes the expensive restaurants that's fine by me because they don't like it if the rest of us achieve that level but you know you understand and certainly not everybody in Palm Beach but it's overwhelmingly liberal overwhelmingly Democrat and everybody seems to know everybody their politicians are Democrat their media Democrat the prosecutors their state attorneys Democrats as was this state prosecutor Democrats I don't pretend to know all the facts we just don't know all the facts we know this guy I've seen is a disgusting sub human that much we know but when I say we don't know all the facts what I don't understand is why the state prosecutor was so passive why would the state prosecutor be so passive are the media going to dig into this and I can ask him are they gonna drag him out of mothballs and dust them off and introduce them to the American people I understand the pursuing a custom do is you will I can't stop them anyway not that I should I'm not a special pleader for the guy but I'd like to know more about the state prosecutor what's his explanation now he's challenging across the store that's fine but I want to know about him about his office about their recommendations about his dealings with abstain and abstains lawyer I don't know a damn thing about any of that do you why not even the media trying to turn this into a Republican thing with the cost that they're trying to drag drop in here it's disgusting if the cost of what it costs to did was wrong and I'm no great fan of his or what he did let me just say that up front then he goes and I'm sure and I don't know for a fact but I'm sure the president feels the same way presents a man of integrity but why is there almost no focus on the state prosecutor since these are largely state claims Hollywood story Jeffrey Epstein move freely and Hollywood circles even after twenty oh eight conviction by Tatiana Siegel Emery said Guthrie Seaton no longer does one reporter write a story the billionaire arrested July six for sex trafficking of minors attended high profile events like the Batman versus Superman premiere and frequented Oscar season parties even as the need to move it took down other powerful figures this is the left it's incredible this is like the idiot Schumer going to the Senate floor trying to drag the president into this this outrageous scandal when he himself has taken thousands and thousands of dollars for maps first campaigns it's it's it's it's sickening on March twenty twenty sixteen guess at Warner brothers Batman versus Superman dawn of justice Primera New York began whispering about one man mingling along with the A. list crowd now it wasn't the film's Ben Affleck there Henry could they'll or Affleck's hawking bodyguard who almost knocked over the studios former marketing head sue Kroll is the V. P. area became too crowded this surprised look train to Jeffrey actually who is being introduced to guess by New York society don yeah a Peggy Siegal when a Warner's executive was asked at the time how highly recognizable level three registered sex offender landed the hottest ticket in town the executive offered no comment as I've seen still I six arrests for sex trafficking of minors in New York and Florida dominates headlines news outlets are focused on the billion is ties to powerful government officials including presidents trump and Clinton spoke ties to trump I mean Clinton is all over this thing dozens of flights with this guy equally troubling or EBS teams long cultivated relationships within the Hollywood and New York media circles we move with these well after his high profile twenty a conviction for soliciting prostitution from girls as young as fourteen after serving a thirty month sentence in a subsequent year of house arrest in Palm Beach Florida I have seen a late twenty ten hosted a dinner party in honor of his friend prince Andrew at the seventy first St mansion in New York listen to this among the fifteen to twenty guests the New York Post reported the timer Katie Couric Charlie Rose what he Alan Chelsea handler and George Stephanopoulos hello hello hello by the way not a Republican among them but Katie Couric Charlie Rose Woody Allen Chelsea handler and George Stephanopoulos a source close to curry tells The Hollywood Reporter was your first and last encounter with interesting well magic lasagna was served NXT let his guests on a tour of the house he was wearing jeans and a velvet stubs and wounds and slippers multiple sources say the event was organized by Siegel presented as an opportunity to meet the prince the largest single family dwelling in New York City given that it was less than two months after Kate Middleton and prince William's engagement interest in the world's was running high multiple guess who now declined to speak on the record noted the optics of attending such an event did not raise an eyebrow part because the invite came from Siegel Peggy Siegal New York society she declined comment even the post need to era abstain sixty six frequently attended industry events like the Gotham awards in November twenty seventeen the minute climate with figures including Harvey Weinstein in CBS's Leslie Moonves this instantly become persona non grata for alleged misconduct Epstein to be convicted and he still enjoyed film world access as you travel behind the velvet rope with these his alleged co conspirator joseline Maxwell was also embraced the time of abstinence conviction Maxwell was not charged thanks to a highly controversial non prosecution agreement now by the way let me stop here there is a guy running for governor of Mississippi I know nothing about this guy but I just saw something on TV and it is something that's apparently very provocative and controversial news reporter who wanted to ride with him throughout the day while he was campaigning a very attractive reporter this gentleman is religious he's married and he said he and his wife took a vow long time ago that they will not be for any significant period of time alone with somebody of the opposite sex Terry said no you can't drive around with me for fifteen sixteen seventeen hours alone perhaps you can bring somebody he's being vilified all over TV and all over the media how could you reject a reporter who happens to be female is that not sexist is that what he did ladies and gentleman no that's not what he did he said he doesn't want to be in the same car with an individual the opposite sex what what what would effectively be all day long doing the work day I mean what if there's an accusation against he's being vilified yet look what takes place by the liberals in Hollywood in New York in these high society circles look what I'm reading here from The Hollywood Reporter too bad Hollywood and New York in the rest of them aren't more like this guy from Mississippi I feel exactly like he does you wouldn't find me in a car sixteen seventeen hours what a woman is not my wife driving around campaigning and so forth and I'm sure my why haven't even talk to my wife I'm sure she would agree with me because she doesn't trust me because it's not proper please it's not to me all right I'll finish the story when I return van mark Levin show on WC BM software dot com Mike Capps I begin paying employees in nineteen eighty eight I.

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