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But I think this new, Bob hearts, shoal is a really cool show, which is about a Billy Gardell, who Mike from Mike and Molly in the pilot has a cardiac event and goes the hospital and wakes up, and there's a nurse and she's a Nigerian emigrant, and he falls for her and such a simple, sweet story. But you watch this pilot. I wanna see more wanna see these characters wanna see what's going on. So I'm really excited for that. So I only have you for a finite amount of time. Let's jump to our favorite questions that we ask our guests sort of our speed round. Tell us the first car you ever owned year making model a nineteen seventy six AM, see white hornet, would my parents got from the telephone company and meaning it was a fleet car, fleet car and got it for five hundred dollars and too much. That's a PO s for sure. I hit a telephone pole because I it was Connecticut in the spring in too much sand from the, and I told the car because it will cost six hundred dollars to fix it, so cost more just as simple repair, the whole the whole car. What's the most important thing, people don't know about Dave gash will they know about the patent. That's really so that's the I was shocked, that's thing. But I tried to start a chocolate company in the first season of big bang theory at the same time while. It was going to be called Rx chocolates, and the idea was, it was gonna be Pathak Gary bottles. And it was gonna have the amount recommended of dark chocolate every day, and you pop it in your mouth. Okay. There's a good idea. Yeah. And what happened to that? Well, it turns out, I'm much better coming up with us. I haven't starting businesses right? It's concept versus execute. Exactly. That's why you need a partner. Who are some of your early mentors who really got it your career in television. Well, I mentioned rob long who's this guy who showed me that there was actually a path, and other guy in that radio station was a teacher named Craig thorn and Hugh, has since passed away, and he just couldn't have more of an impact in terms of how to live your life, how to help people, the power is one of the funniest guys in all the years in Hollywood, one of the funniest guys have ever met and just how to how to live your really how to live your life. And then working with bunny, Terry Turner on the rock from the sun. They, they created a family in their running staff and. I'll I remember working that first night that first year to be a Friday night, and they'd say, oh, I'm sorry. We have to work past dinner, and I would think to myself, great. I don't wanna go home. This is so fun. So you're investor and have been for a while who has influenced your approach to either investing or thinking about markets. Well, I mentioned the that Gordon Murray book, which had a really profound impact on me. And, you know, I, I think the work of Jean pharma this, I wish everybody knew more broadly about the efficient market theory. If only he would win a Nobel prize for that people would find out that we'd get out, right? I took I took macro econ with Nord house. And I took winner took micro Giannakopoulos who might win it some day. Right. And didn't he win win the Bates, you want something? Right. And they. They didn't talk about personal. They should I wish they would just say be a long term investor. Keep fees, low investment abroad basket of stocks. You sound like me now. Yeah. And, and what are they going to do for the next sixteen weeks of the class?.

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