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I was just thinking about you know when he was doing the ritual and they had a flash flash to the old man he was dying in the white. The woman in White was there. You could argue that. She was good and she was there because now he's susceptible the bowl and she was like doing the harm on head and she was that she was doing physical harm while the shaman was making them susceptible but then still we study like why with the You know why the white woman making vomit in throw up and then she told him to go. I I don't and if the champion in the old guy were always together then I don't know why would the Shannon try and kill the Japanese guy like I don't think it was a guarantee that the original be interrupted erupted right so then that league elliot from the beginning like well then you could argue possessed. He had he had the he had cerberus yet. His dog aw killed story so I think we can argue. The old man at the end is evil right he satan definitely by the end of the IT turns out yes by the end of the movie The old man is Satan or Korean but also remember the old man okay when they went on the manhunt for the old man yeah. They were being attacked by that invincible. Zombie Zombie that they couldn't kill. Yeah then it seems like the old man killed it for them remember he. Yeah I forgot what you did something. I think. The only way that Ms Ambi- died was like through. Yeah he did some magic and kill them just by telepathically. That's a good thing that will mandate. Why do I don't know why he did that? Because maybe then it goes back to the pictures. What are the pictures for I was reading quickly. Yeah someone said. The pictures are there from the Shaman. In order to protect the dead people for being possessed. That's the theory but that would be the theory that the Shamans good the whole time. But if the Shaman was good good the whole time he was wrong he said don't trust the white one man in every and the white woman ended up being right kind of pretty much. Yeah she was right. I mean there. There's some conflict between the white woman and the Japanese guy the Japanese guy by the end. He's definitely the fucking devil. I don't know if that that doesn't make her good but she was also she was. I was just talking with the beginnings and yet she was term was just saying that. Yeah we went to the same place. She was throwing rocks than she showed the policeman. She's she's like people were brutally murdered here and then she disappeared and then the policemen saw the the the naked Japanese man. In diaper the diaper guy remember the woman was gone and then he ran away and then he woke up from a dream or something. Yeah there were. You could argue that. She turned into him. Maybe is she also is she also just Satan. I don't know Man Holy Shit like I would watch it like a month from now though. It's like I'm going to let it sit for a bit. And then yeah I think I would definitely come back to it because it's maybe we'll have. Maybe this will be the first part two per to you. Were we have another session discussing or is who who still don't know what the Hell's going uh-huh if that's the case we'll just do your disclaimer and in one episode. But if we feel like we've come to a conclusion business what we're going with this czar an and hopefully There's soda is is Entertain listen to We could have taken the time to watch a ton of youtube videos and come with a definite conclusion but in the US a lot of you know the the purpose of this podcast is mainly first impressions and what anyone would be thinking when they came out of this movie without doing any research enabler is not like any of the whaling. Explains like you'll never believe it. It's no it's going to be like g and q confused by title is going to be confused. Gene Q.. Are Confused by the wheel. Something like that. Well Yeah Yeah I. I don't think I have much else from that. But still above all good feel good film. who fantastic film and we watch him at some air which had some confusing plot elements as well? I think way less tied together. We let's clean. I think it was messy. Yeah you just your life. This lot of symbolism didn't have any meaning yeah it was just kind of weird to to be weird. This one really feels like there's some philosophical like meaning behind it and also like some rational logical explanation explanation at the end of midsummer. You're like oh it's a call and you knew that the whole time that's the end of the story. There's not much thinking. Yeah but yeah for sure so with our gene Q.. Patented Review we decide if if the IMDB score is Yeah over or under the or know the true reading over under the yeah. Ah I'd be score. Well it's been a while sick to hit me really. I'm Debbie things you want to guess what the rating is I. There's only I'm biased. Because I think I saw it now I saw like when we first looked it up and you saw lower the Matt Patricia that you just can't my memory is six point six but I'll go with eight will what so you're saying. which is I remember it being six point six but I could very making that off my head so I'm going to go with? I think it's like a seven eight to seven point. Four okay so totally grants. Don't trust you yeah I remember going above going. Yeah without a doubt over It's a if you like horror films. Holy Shit this Better than cabin in the woods. I think I think it's might be my favorite orpheum it reminded me of seven a lot. I don't know if you've ever seen that seven. Yeah it's it's all. The acting was phenomenal. Yeah also Jing booze the policeman. He was such a good act. You you like. He was and he was like a Klutz kind of feels. Like you'd like us feel bad for him like he's just like classically Kinda dom unlike but means well and you're like he's kind of cute like this guy very likable character I think they did a fantastic job with the writing and the Matafi. Everything's good or another theory grant just looking at. I don't put much weight in this one but I guess everything stems that go dream. It's all. It's all psychedelic poisonous mushrooms. That people were eating and and you know there's not really supernatural in the film and they just hated things that were different Japanese guys foreign and that combined with these psychedelic mushrooms. Dial into thinking there's crazy shit happening when it's just it's like a terrible disease. I don't like it either no Above that's not the gene Q.. Patented Explanation No not at all. No here's how they did. Well ready for the reveal. We what are we doing. We're watching next week. We doing I guess I hope actually I should talk to you if you've seen this before but we'll know I'll just say I've seen it once upon time in Hollywood. Oh I have not seen it yet. Some earth very area he Nine nine Yeah I don't know how do I every every week to our forty minute film. Oh man really save money. All right we L.. Let streaker we all now are are. It's it's it in seven. Samurai dos boot midsummer. Elk this wine and now once upon a time yeah which very forgettable film little along We would've remembered it all right. Yeah that's that's definitely Something I've wanted to see and yet and I think a lot of people have seen it and came out this year and it should be Wasn't that much talk to it. Compared to other other Tarantino's I think maybe I'm wrong. There wasn't a lot of what the Russian I got a lot of. Talk around it. Compared to other Tarintino takes awhile Just to see the movies too. Do like if it's not so you haven't seen it yet. It's not a vendor podcast. True true all all right. That sounds. That sounds fun. Whole get that out eventually? The yes the a new logo to come in soon cheeky review new lower carbon soon. Yeah maybe we could do a quick announcement all that jazz. Yeah big release later. All right sounds sounds like a plan grant. It's always a pleasure man. You see you next week or next two weeks who knows who knows cool peace peace..

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