Stephen Miller, President Trump, Elaine Chao discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Sounds totally normal not violent at all in any way shape or form are they shut up at stephen miller's house he's an advisor to president trump that was on monday they circulated wanted flyers saying that stephen miller is guilty of crimes against humanity then referring to him as as a fascist so the mob is out there right this is pure on mob mentality that this is what they want to do this is about fear and intimidation but again i'm told not violent no no no there was never a call for any violence from maxene waters no no no do you worry that people interpret that as a call to essentially mob intimidation to usually use a sort of massive people to physically threaten people in public spaces is that where you're calling for him what do you think of that absolutely not as a matter of fact you're absolutely correct i did not call for harm for anybody the president lied again he told people to get out of their cars you tell people to get a crowd and you tell people to push back and now people crowds of you know groups of guys these were grown men with elaine chao and elaine chao confronted him the only thing separating these guys and elaine chao was a female i think it was a secret service agent push physically pushing these guys back and they're screaming all bigger than elaine chao not violence if if that's what you want to believe and if that's what fellow progressives want to defend okay do you have any idea how badly this gonna play for you in the midterms i mean if you're worried about the politics of it but understand that i don't think it's about the politics of it it is about the destruction of the political enemy however they can destroy them i don't think we are at the height of the insanity i think we're only at the start and it's gonna spread outside of just the cabinet members and elected officials traffic and math fair the wwl traffic center what's happening tony westbound four sixty five little bit of a delay keystone avenue over the meridian street and we have a crash eleven street at mlk here downtown heavy traffic cabinet inbound seventy from the east side really picks up around shave little avenue over to rural street traffic brought to you by your boy who's your motor club get aaa roadside assistance in any situation dead battery outta gas all for less than twenty cents a day do you wanna aaa dot com or any aaa.

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