Obama Administration, President Trump, Emmett Soloman discussed on Mark Levin



In the title of the Washington post stories mark Levin is worn before buying a silent coup now is a follower in the oval office and when you get through all the B. S. they write about Watergate they write this again this is March sixth twenty seventeen on Thursday the the radio show live in return to the silent coup theme during his evening radio show arguing that the Obama administration and orchestrated a silent coup against president trump the Obama justice department he claimed had wire tapped and spied on the trump campaign when it investigated Russian interference in the election and leaked information to the media to undermine a new president I got this set of published reports I'm not claiming anything the word wire taps in the headline of a New York times piece but it's all accurate isn't espionage with its wire tap or not that's not the critical point is it it was all true and the media are involved in that we have federal judges involves like Emmett Soloman you can't give up hope you got to fight back look how far we've come since three years ago with the Attorney General the United States the US attorney from Connecticut the US attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri the acting U. S. attorney in Washington DC these are serious people these are good people and.

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