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The last day of impeachment hearings this week CBS news Steve Dorsey reports from Washington you create embassy eight David Holmes testified he over heard the president discuss it investigation he wanted the president of Ukraine's help with on a call with the E. U. ambassador I dinner president trump ask so he's gonna do the investigation master song replied that he's going to do it adding a presence Lynskey will do anything asked him to do Holmes later understood that to be the bite in investigation former White House adviser Fiona hill testified she was concerned by another call the president's conversation with Zelinsky July twenty fifth in which the investigation was brought up I will just say that I found this particular call subject matter on the weather was conducted surprising Steve Dorsey CBS news Washington Cheney is officially issued an all clear for thousands of customers who have had their power cut by the utility paving the way for safety inspections and power restoration to take place at CBS news Holly Quan report some customers in the North Bay already saw other lights come back on last night with the winds dying down and helicopters and ground crews in the field the hope is to get nearly fifty thousand P. Jeannie customers who lost power back online by day's end changing weather conditions allow the utility to drastically scale back the blackout which in itself was crazy making for those trying to stock up on ice or find a sitter if schools were going to close the genie company CEO Andy VC this is terribly frustrating Billy disturbing if you're on the receiving end of this we get that what were motivated by telling you what we know when we know it rain is in the forecast for next week which hopefully ushers in the end of wildfire season Holly Quan for CBS news San Francisco the power is back on for nearly thirty two hundred SD Jeannie customers who were left without this morning in the ranch opinion ski does Rancho Bernardo Sampras well and dell DO serious the outage was reported around six thirty the utilities assessing the outage to determine the cause.

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