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Nine for tickets if you'd like to reserve them musicians correct me if I'm wrong Franz light to eat I would say so big time I'd like to get paid also it's also a good French benefit right paid are you eat more comes first yeah are you able to pay the musicians we pay them we pay them a living wage we pay better than the union does good yes that's we want top priority we we want to make sure that we treat them like professionals Hey guys we demand professional behavior yeah it is tough to ask people to work for free no we won't do it right now and then call professional musicians yeah well exactly and as a matter of fact if we aren't able to meet our obligations financially we don't do it so far we've been able to do that we've never been in doubt angry and basically the communities are supporting the work that we do that's where we get our dollars from all right if somebody was new to town coming to town and they just landed in town and and they play on a let's say the viola and they they want to group that they can play with occasionally they can talk to contact you through the website absolutely world with me always looking for instrumentalists always looking and vocalists and vocalist yes and by the way are vocalists audition for the box corral we usually have them come in and and set up an audition with us we usually get we draw our instrumentalists from that work histories that are already here the Santa Fe symphony the R. opera the New Mexico filler Monica and the Santa Fe opera exactly and sometimes there's an overlap among those workers stress very nice up front have you acquired anymore no you collect exotic batons are not been on a buying spree for your sake I I keep looking but I haven't come across any is cool since the last time I don't have it right more exotic and in your favor would for baton is the kind that doesn't split and the kind that directs all the proper notes in the in the right exactly I'm looking for a laser tipped one who yeah all right you can try to get one of those up at the gift shop at Los Alamos National Laboratory most likely Linda gives the front good to see what all the reforms have saved here all right we'll take a break we will come back I have no idea what we do we're gonna do so why you guys do something when you call in and talk about talk.

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