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Is in the ground and surrounded by the ground. So on the ground moves tunnel moves with the ground so tunnels are inherently safe in an earthquake. Aac that brings us to this new tunnel. The tunnel is designed for nine point zero earthquake Davis hours with the state DOT. He's describing what some have called the big one the cascade subduction zone quake, do you know any day now or a hundred years from now the tunnel will be the safest place to be in Seattle during and after big earthquake. Corwin Hake, KOMO news. And remember the viaduct closes at ten pm this Friday forever to make the shift of highway ninety nine into the tunnel. That's expected to take three weeks. Dave sours with DOT told me directly the other day. It could take a little longer. If weather comes in slows down their construction progress. But it's expected again to open that new tunnel on February fourth. But in the meantime, we have three weeks of I'll just call it traffic heck ahead. And of course, KOMO news will be your source for up to the minute conditions. Traffic every ten minutes on the fours and any additional. Updates as needed. We also KOMO news dot com have the viaduct survival guide you can find that at KOMO news dot com slash survived. Ninety nine has all the tools, you'll need to help you get through it. Now. Lawmakers in Olympia will consider blocking the city of Seattle from tolling downtown roads. Democratic state Senator Tim Sheldon is introduced a Bill that bans local tolling of roadways state and toll roads new ones that they build, but the public is generally extremely opposed to tolling existing broach. They've already paid for them. Once the city of Seattle is considering congestion pricing in downtown is a way to encourage the use of mass transit, no response from the mayor's office when asked for a comment. Komo news time now ten thirty four. Komo AAA traffic will bring it to you every ten minutes on the fours. Let's check your drive again with Jay Phillips that. We just cleared on southbound I five in federal wages, south of two seventy second. Just a few moments ago. We had a collision blocking two lanes that's wide open. Now traffic moving well again at in shoreline. Westbound five to three at first avenue. A collision in the right lane has been removed from the roadway, and we did clear in port orchard highway one six six at Jackson avenue stall blocking both directions has been removed from the roadway all lanes open.

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