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It's not important. Don't act like phase it out because you clearly don't phase it out you prioritize it now. It's actually also downplaying. This is important. It's down playing the criticism. It's effectively what he's saying. We're not playing as bad as y'all are making it sound like we're plan. Can we disagree with. You do agree with or disagree with them there no. I don't think the plane as well as he thinks maybe not as bad as the general public but not as well as he thinks. This is the goal company deceit team. And maybe he's got more perspective on putting a group of players that have never played before twelve of them have never even played in the senior national team level before this tournaments and getting results. But you're still getting results at this level and soon it'll be qatar and if you get lucky enough to be qatar. It'll be a mexico or canada. In what many of these players will be the very first final ever played in the professional careers very well said very well said as far as what's at stake in this game obviously a spot in the final right bought in your continental final spot in the gold cup. Final is at stake. that's very important. Paul arriola also spoke today. And here's what he had to say was at stake against qatar. In the semi-finals thursday night. Yeah i think for us. It's it's not just about mexico about the final. It's about being a champion You know this is a different group than the nation's league and this is also a team that's just as hungry players that are just as hungry guys with experience. Guys that are inexperienced. This might be their first time Potentially planning a final So for us. I think that's that's more. That's more of the motivation is to get the final and champions If it happens to be mexico great if you know if if it happens to be canada great. It doesn't really matter to us as long as no. We're we're in the final and we win. We're going to get into the different expectations. Different pressures between the us and mexico a little bit later in the show. But no matter. What whether tennessee team. They're at home they're guitar. It's a semi-final continental competition. The us has to reach the final. here don't they. You're asking if it'd be a failure. If they don't and i think at an administrative administrative it would be a failure because you put this team out there. It's not the players fault that they've never had put in his team out there though with the idea that they were actually going to win this tournament question. That's the attornal expert. I don't think so either. I think it was identifying players. And if that's the case maybe in their minds success but nobody outside of the. Us soccer fan base or the pundits is going to care or even prioritize. What you think that is they're gonna see us in. Its own country in the gold cup competitor. Which is their confederations final. They're not they're in a tournament where mexico and the us nationally are designed to meet in the final the tournament designed for these two countries to meet in las vegas. And if you don't it's a failure and everybody else's is the expectations will be that the us and mexico. See each other in las vegas. That's why we're making the trip wyoming. We're not going for for candidate in qatar. We i'll still be there for him one more note on the. Us men's national team is actually not with the team. Right now is in. Preseason with valencia but yunus mussa. Her bad news is.

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