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Vic Fangio may have meant well. But this is all greatness coaches. All of them, it's all born from one thing. Who you know who your friends are who you're connected to. What are your opportunities? It's not a true meritocracy. Either if you listen Ashort, questions, listen to long answers either our country. All right I'm, GonNa go to this as joy said. We are there are hopeful signs we will get sports. In. July. I am a little disappointed in the NBA. They're saying now if the NBA goes to a game seven. It would be October twelfth so the NBA. Unlike baseball has never put its playoffs. Up Against the NFL baseball has asked him. How works if the Yankees are in it? Not Well. Because of budget shortfalls because of our pandemic economic situation. States are now passing legislation on gambling quickly. What does it mean? We Gamble on football. We Watch football more than we've ever watched it. Last year. The ratings went. Even as Our Television Choices Netflix Amazon Prime Hulu are more fragmented. What does that mean? Football's getting bigger and more powerful than ever. We've got an Italian soccer league. They were a hot spot for the virus. They're starting here in a couple of weeks disneyworld opening. Up Vegas is opening up. This seems like the NBA was really concerned about the beginning of the NBA season, and maybe not as concerned about the end date of the season. I'm a married guy, so I have to make choices with sports I mean. My wife understands I'm a sports caster. I have to watch a lot of sports. But I want to remain married, and so there are times I have to make choices. Just to give you an idea. The NBA will be fine if Lebron and the Lakers make the finals. But what if it's Milwaukee and the clippers? Two teams that don't have a national brand Colli Leonard not even overly verbal. Yana says, but we don't follow the bucks nationally. This is the week of October eighth through the twelfth. This is what I'm not even account baseball. And the dodgers and Yankees to national brands are favored to be in the post season and win their division. I'm not even GonNa Count that these are the games that will be played October eighth through the twelfth, which could be the NBA finals in college football first of all on Thursday, the eighth Tom Brady goes, and takes on the Chicago bears. Then there's five huge college. Football Games LSU AGAINST THE BEST. Florida team in a decade Auburn. Georgia Texas Oklahoma Michigan. Michigan State Stanford Notre Dame in the NFL. It's rivalries Eagles steelers, giants, cowboys Vikings against Seattle. chargers at the saints on Monday night football. I'm going to have to make choices. And, unless it's Lebron and the Lakers I know my audience isn't going to gravitate i. mean think about this. I love the NBA. We love the NBA. They'll be. NBA Finals Games that if Lebron's not in it I mean lead by show with. The NBA paid a lot of attention to starting the League I think they should have started it sooner and been more concerned about the end date of the League Charles Barkley. Talked about this. Good luck going up against the monster known as the NFL and college football. College football is king. God world pro football king. Kong we ain't never going to compete with them. We should start the NBA season around Christmas so I think we should show. Seventy five or seventy games Christmas should be the big day like we do every year. We have set five games on Christmas Day that would be a great way to start the NBA season. Why are we starting in the Middle College football season pro football I mean it's just too much going on. We're trying to compete for dollars and now think about this now collins. There's GonNa be worse going forward trying to compete with those dollars of the NFL and college football. Yeah, the good news is and I. Just saw this on my phone. Adam Silver once twenty two team Orlando Tournament teams to play eight regular season games. Owners expected. Okay the plan. So twenty two teams eight regular season games than going to the playoffs. I wish them luck, but facing football with increase sports gambling all around the country. Is An avalanche you don't want to get in front of. Coming up next pro football focus back in favour and wow. Wow They're not.

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