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Say they'll be helping you watch your speed today and one fourteen dove chase oaks and Edgebrook so you watch it too I'm John wolf unix support twelve fifty eight breaking traffic alerts when they happen want to be out of the weekend here we go another week for us for work or maybe some play for the kiddos on spring break in the weather here in the next three to three and a half day shouldn't be too bad with the temperatures above normal again today with highs in the mid seventies that rain moves out here by the lunch time our temperatures that will be a little cooler tomorrow the week front coming through tonight it'll drop temps in the low to mid fifties a little lower humidity tomorrow with highs pushing seventy in some areas I went to briefly shift to the north Wednesday were back to the south with the wind also on Thursday as temperatures approach eighty degrees could be a spotty shower I'm not a big deal but better rain chances by Friday and Saturday as a stronger cold front moves in the area I mean religious Cambrian often Carolee weather center right now we've got sixty eight in Argyll and Denton that's pretty much the warmest spot is in that northwest area of Denton county right now sixty four Ian McKinney and right now at KRLD it is sixty six degrees with clouds our reporters covering the news that matters to you we are newsradio ten eighty KRLD thirty one of the toughest days on Wall Street in more than a decade breaking news now news radio ten eighty KRLD it has been an incredibly.

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