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Your show about how to get one over in the sink life, this bone. Chad Beland will welcome everyone. The beautiful confines of the Bowen state. We don't have show in like a few weeks, and I don't know what the hell. More recording. The Palestinian side. Yes, I wouldn't say that we're gave a throat. We're clearly several generation, I don't remember winter bell working landing looking this nice. No, not even cane's landing this nice. Yes. Why birds sleepers? So, yes. Little change to the studio. I did. I thought it was in the wrong place. What are we drinking tonight? This limbs. I'm drinking something else before it gets that money. A-. The pre dear this is Bert oak. It's out of Columbia, Missouri, but it's they're hopping dies. Muka chino, milkshake porter. Interesting columbia. Okay. It's got kind of a. Bennett. Jerry's look to it and taste as good. Although not nearly as big as the Ben and Jerry's that the hulk was consuming in avengers on gang. Yeah. Yeah. Man steps, let everything every bit as delicious is going to be mad when she realized it took a few of them tonight. This is one of her favorite. Is that the beer Joyce? Let severe choice rather Beal hustle. They says for her for her. I don't. Kind of a one and done guy. Keep rolling keep climb into that next year. We'll speak a beer who toast in this week. I wanted to toast Allama Guignard, who was ASD gas for eleven three K C. She's been a very valuable resource. I paint her a few times on Twitter directly asking her about some events in what not. And she always says the straight dope been very responsive science do. Yeah. Got my back which bake, you so much. Yes. Thank you for joining us. We allot of fun chatting. And so folks, if he ever listened to that episode. That's absurd. Twenty one with a lot of winter. Got a little comment and their love the new set. Yeah. Well, we'll try that out have a little fun with that. So I also wanna toast our producer. Yeah. That one. Way over there. I can bail anymore. The roads of different. He actually. Got extreme compliments like he's a good student Bhagat extreme compliments for a school project. Right. So we forced to do this producer thing, but it starting to rebel off on a school where dividends yet. So he's doing you want to say what you do producer. It's a video project for LA. We had to make a documentary about who we think unsung here his in the community. Was that it was not you Chad was I in the top three. No, I don't think Chad, you were up for consideration. Maybe if is an Israel's class. I'll take any consideration. So who you recognizing doing Kindy this, my project, and who's Cam, she's on grandma's, friends, and works at this place? So folks, don't know, amethyst places progressive recovery center for women who are recovering recovering. Addicts in the whole idea is to bring him back together. With their family yet, the bring the kids and it's just just north of operation breakthrough. So he decided the to recognize him as an unsung hero in his working on a video project, his LA for those folks who don't know as English language arts. It's an acronym for. Yeah. English language arts. He got feedback. They were like his draft. She said was a finished product. Is that rounds cheer steel producer, even ice night's work? Nice word. Yeah. We watched it, and I didn't realize put tune same Clinton. Well, that's an easy at it brother. That's Lisi of it. Good cheer. Good news and greed organization so nice well done. And then I one other toast. Yeah. Gentlemen, was back in Kansas City today used.

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