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Cool all the who will be involved in the search project that had talks about involving who behavior is violence and not and he left ma'am in call of the con man we want a record brother the violated full house would normally be the case the get out of jail car free because I'm a little out the basically a clog my grateful out there looking at the group of largely under age one one for all of them not be around our caller laughter and full of the vehicle of all the things that would have gotten any other coldly fight back the Clinton didn't happen last but he talked to other people into doing is killing for him the actually purchase let any murders himself participate in the murder of a musician named Gary Hammond who will help the three eight five four followers and during the three days he was held and tortured man someone over and threatened him and flights off a portion of the year with the password and depending on who you are record follows to kill him then I wasn't involved in the Tate crying difficult for a lot of the cold water and cake three of the women Hey how and kill whoever they encountered and the second part of the lobby on gravel middle aged middle class couple that with murder good god the mob before the murder and then after that he put the dated a not murder of and on the ranch hands on them Donald Shorty Shea so back then that's a lot of people never killed anyone that's amazing I'm thirty we've heard a lot about M. K. ultra lights a refer a lot about a referred to the name and kale for mentioned many times few people talk about arcane knowledge not dollar many people know much about it but I'm thinking it's a return real thing it's not some sort of a made up whoo whoo tale of mind control is perpetrated upon various subjects bio the United States government admitted fill it and no correctional investigations in the mid seventies and the reason that there's not a lot not a pattern one terminated in nineteen seventy two by Richard council the director here and I'm thirty two seventy three he ordered all the files destroyed and the only reason we know what little we know about it because they had forgotten that they will couple block financial block are tired that a former state department worker I found a guy named John mark who bought them the tension of the March the board for the New York times and that led to a bunch of font page story and then there was no inflectional investigation of Concord and board several books written about it but almost all the minute that you know we don't really know how far be clear of program one because all the workers with stolen and when I habitat for five eight they kind of said well yeah we wanted to create a program to stop and then you know news the crier watching all of apple's new number of small what I found in the file give doctor weir was even if you can question we are alive because what had turned in a lower court nineteen eighty five crap holy developed technology mole true memories and a person from a person I will play from one false memory without that knowledge of the curriculum and that's a record yeah a none of the Concord Sudbury left out the last page well well had the beard to choose one of the most important goals you know all without the person's knowledge I wonder why they decided to wonder why Helms decided to have the records destroyed that sounds like a a little about the loop it was about to lose his job it was at the height of Watergate and.

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