Official, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


On the face application it doesn't include mr mccabe who signed off on the feis application it doesn't include loretta lynch who had to sign off on the feis application none of them one of them mr muller is not investigating russian collusion mr muller is out to destroy the president of the united states his family his friends his associates consultants the people who work for him and so forth and of course the same applies to adam schiff the democrat ranking member on the house intelligence committee mr schiff would have fitted in very very well the old soviet union socalled justice system mr shift does not believe in due process mr schiff is man without an ounce of integrity mr schiff is a leaker as i said last night on hannity show prove me wrong mr schiff take a lie detector test because i believe you have a serious problem and you need to put a pair of depends over your head but even more shifting a leaker komi being a leaker mccabe being a laker now we know clapper national defense national security director overseeing the entire umbrella organization see now we know that mr schiff has no interest in really investigating russian collusion he put out a long list a witnesses that he wanted to subpoena people he wanted to bring back a long list of people he says who also never got to testify virtually every single one of them is a republican virtually every single one of them is associated with trump so what's missing once again hillary clinton's not on the list nobody from the hillary clinton campaign is on the list there's not a single former chairman of the dnc who's on the list ninety single official from the dnc is on his list and yet they funded dossier that involve the russian government and the rapper actress to take out a candidate by the name of donald trump bill clinton's not on his last for taking russian money and giving speeches bill clinton's not on the list and the clinton foundation the millions and millions the russians poured into that here's no interest in uranium one they call that a distraction conveyance of twenty percents control of american uranium to vladimir putin's front company as a distraction and they say they're investigating collusion.

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