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Up against the Patriots. Last year. He had a thing It was on Sunday night football. Last year, he had a victory up against the Seattle Seahawks. So there have been some moments where the MVP a year ago. Has had some big moments in helping his team get to a victory. So you can totally say he never wins the big game. But when you do think of Lamar Jackson Even with the success that he has displayed taken down last year, Russell Wilson taken down Tom Brady, and that was if memory serves me, right? It was two games in a row with the buy sandwich in between. You know, he also defeated to Shawn Watson last year. 41 27. I know The Rams weren't great last year, but he beat them. 45 to 60 beat San Francisco last year in the rain 20 to 17. So he has played well up against some better teams. But When I ask you what are the first three thoughts that come to mind that the more Jackson there's three thoughts that come to mind? Or at least that's the way that my brain works When thinking about Lamar Jackson, who I've been a fan ofthe who I've like coming out of Louisville and thought it was ridiculous, and people trying to make him a wide receiver at the combine. Oh, there was that conversation, but the three thoughts that I have Number one and no order. Let's just go, but the three thoughts number one MVP last year. And that was his first true year Starting all 16 games won m v p That's a big thought. But then the next two thoughts That first year going up against the charges in the playoffs. The fans and Baltimore wanted him pulled off the field to bring in Joe Flacco, who was way finished at that point. That's how bad Lamar Jackson was in that game. And then last year on an M V P season in the play offs, you're going up against Tennessee got punched in the mouth, and there was no response. And that game isn't solely on Lamar Jackson. But it goes into the kryptonite of what faces the Ravens if you get down in the game With the way that that team is Bill Lamar Jackson's not bringing you back from down 10 14 points. And that's what was alarming yesterday, going up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It wasn't as if they were down 10 and couldn't find a way to get back in the game where they were down 14 and couldn't find the way to get back into the game. They were up 17 to 7 at halftime. And they ended up losing that game. 28 2 24. And you see the big plays in this game. First, Dr Lamar Jackson picked six. He was responsible for allowing seven points right there. Memar Jackson. If we go through all the turnovers, he fumbled the football inside the red zone. No. They were inside the 10 yard line. So that's another 3 to 7 points. That were left off the board. So you already gave the Steelers seven points. And Trey still mea favor here because I'm not all that great at math. Seven. Then. Put another three or seven because who knows if you know let's just go seven because they were they were driving there, so he gave seven to the Steelers, then gave away a potential put up seven points on his own when he fumbled the football second goal at the eight So that's seven points of Pittsburgh in seven point so you don't get to keep to yourself. You go into a half its 17 to 7. Second drive. You are inside your own territory. You throw a pick. On the first drive of the second half for you. Pittsburgh turns that into a touchdown. So based off that pick that's another seven points that you gave Pittsburgh So you give in Pittsburgh, 14, and you prevented yourself from scoring seven. That's 21 points were talking about Then he fumbled at the end of the game. When let me just remind you again. It was fourth and three and they were at Pittsburgh's eight. So we're talking about giving away 14 points. And then preventing your team from scoring 14 points. In a big game. You can't be putting the ball in the turf three times and losing it twice and then throwing two interceptions. You just can't do it. Does this mean he's an awful quarterback? Absolutely not. But you see where we're so quick to react based off one year and call someone great. That's why And there's been times I think the guy has been a great quarterback to befriend the hypocrite. But that's why when I used the word great I don't just hand out the word great like I was passing out Halloween candy or something like that. You have to earn that title consistently to be considered a great quarterback. And that leads us to our poll question today. Fill in the blank. Lamar Jackson is and here the four pull options. A great quarterback, a very good quarterback. A good quarterback or an overrated quarterback. I don't say overrated. This is not a bad quarterback. I'm not going to call him great. Even though last year was a great season for him, with the sour ending, so I'm between a very good Q B and a good man and a good Cuba. I probably say he's a very good Q B. Is he a top 10 quarterback in football? Yes. But even though you're a top 10 quarterback in football What's gonna happen to him?.

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