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House and senate leaders to discuss end of the year legislative issues including an effort to avert a government shutdown even as mr trump is pushing congress to pass the republican tax cut plan he's looking ahead to other agenda items before thanksgiving the president said his administration is working on health healthcare infrastructure and welfare reform he said he'll be submitting those plans soon after finishing work on tax reform greg clugston washington a court fight may be burying over president donald trump's move to make a close aide the interim leader of the consumer protection agency champion by democrats mr trump is displacing the official elevated by the departing dictator and obama era appointee both the trump administration and former director richard cord reagan to end the laws on their side and that their pick is the rightful leader a senate gop leader john thune of south dakota says that the dispute may end up in court president trump again coming to the side of gop alabama unit us senate nominate roy more sheriff tweet sunday morning president donald trump again lent support for roy more the republican us senate nominee in alabama who is facing accusations from at least seven women of decadesold sexual assault but senate republicans are concerned on nbc's meet the press senator rob portman of ohio said more should bow out as the women went on the record i thought there was a lot of credit building what they were saying i didn't find the response for a credible and senator john thune of south dakota told abc's this week growing more needs to step aside allow somebody else to be a right and candidate we can win that seat war faces democratic nominee doug jones into special election december twelve mike rossio washington or at least a year the fbi had evidence that russian hackers were trying to break into the personal gemaleya of scores of us officials yet the fbi failed to notify those officials.

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