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Car. It's the fastest. Once you what you have those five stars, you hop in the cop car, you turn on the siren Ed, you. Because Katie I can't in my had six stars at that point. Unbelievable ours. I was expecting the helicopter to come around all of that. Like dude, I thought men, but can I say, just just to just to. That that's basically let me let me see if there's anything else. Oh, you get to the end where because he, yeah, he was. I did say that he was the Black John wick. He definitely was John wick that last seed, but. I didn't think he was dead until I saw the morgue when they were relieved when they were removing the sheet. I thought he wasn't going to be on the slab. And it was him. Then I was expecting him to turn into Jon snow. No, no. Once on the slab note that was it. I knew he was, like I said, even when using the car rebound last shot to the camera, I was still I. Okay. But you know, he could be in a coma, cetera, et cetera. He could sell recover, but once they pulled the sheet off and I said, I thought he wouldn't be there. And then he was there. No, he was. There is no hope at that. Then doing that show? Yep. Now, if he comes back out to watch the show, unfortunately. But yet that man dead and the best part about tasha plan was how they explained it to the cops. So they almost so Cain was the friend in the family episode title. Canaan was a friend of the family because that's what they're, that's what they're. The, that's the picture they painted. That was the alibi. That was the story that they painted the frame him that Canaan was a friend of the family who who knew who knew the people that Ray Ray was running with. Was told that Ray Ray killed Raina. So since he was a friend of the family, he was at the Lakisha depart where she lied is when she said he was at the at the wake the repass or whatever, right? He was at the repast so he had opportunity to get tasha gun. So he goes and gets tasha gun goes and kills Ray Ray. And then the part about him, kidnapping quote, unquote, Tariq I think is more so they found out that he killed Ray Ray and they didn't want him around Tariq and he was rolling with Tariq. So they called it in didn't think that all of that was going to happen. So innocent. He went out of villain because of what he did to the cops. But he low key was a hero the way they painted the picture for killing Ray Ray for killing Raina. So he was almost like a vigilante who lived long enough to see himself, but come village. So that that that ends. Wow, that ends Kanaan's role on the show kimes he, he's from the pilot episode. It's really just tasha. Tommy and goes left. I can't remember if kisha was in the pilot episode, but those three were the ones that they're the ones that are left Angela Angela. Right by. Right, right, right. She was she was in the opening episode because that's how they linked up, but like he's a core character. And I remember saying earlier this season that I felt like every season someone on the power poster dies. And I think somebody said that that that was disproved with the season three poster and I took a look at the three season three dollars. Well, you know, pinch me in the face and call me, Susan, you are correct. I think I don't think that I don't think that that ranked true, but looking at the power season five. Coaster. They had everybody on it. I'm like, yo, well, there goes Canaan and his parting gift was to create an even deeper rift between Tommy and ghost because you look at it in Tom, even explained it. You look at it from his perspective, right. Flat Amir, drift e, Rolla Diego in Canaan. These are all do that. They role within Vladimir drift Rolla was the whole setup thing that came in gassed him to do. Then Vladimir was from season to where he has to clear out his org because of the whole Jimenez thing, and he was framing the him in as because he had people who was about to flip in the org, but Tommy's looking at him and saying y'all, when does it stop?.

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