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Okay. Next question. What's a future for birds? He'll be on another team. Really you. Well, they still have control of his rookie deal for one more year. But you're gonna cut him. No he'll play out the rookie season. And you know. You'll test the waters, I think what you're seeing next year. They have an option to give him a fifth year was the first round draft pick. They would not. They will not give him an option pay him at a top quarterback position in the national football. They won't do that. So that means the writing on the wall for birds. Because it looks like right now he's not going to see the field unless there's an injury. You know? I mean, Kari a starter whether you like it or not he's a starter. So you know, there he had. Let's see here. Trying to see they're already burns question. Some of their Sean Davis thoughts on him. I think he's been playing really really solid football considering his first year at the position of free safety. What are your thoughts on Sean daynuss judges safety by two things did plays in the passing game? Embiid plays in running again, safeties protect you from both. And they've done a good job in that. I mean, it cleaned that up teams aren't thrown over their heads in running backs aren't breaking long runs against them. And so that means he's in the right spot. He's tackling. Well, he's playing coverage. Coverages solid. So he's playing good football for sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. So all right. Lance thanksgiving tomorrow. What is the best thanksgiving dish that you'll be having tomorrow night when the feast begins tomorrow whenever you eat sweet potato pie, man. I mean, I posted a couple of pictures of our y sweet potato pie on Instagram. Sweet potato pie is the best dish that in a close. Second is pecan pie in dressing. I mean, those those are the three reads, here's weeds guy, you know, those those are the things what about what about you. Jeff don't say green big casts. The casserole you kidding me? Ceram you think? I actually. Nationally, grilling. I'm actually I grill turkeys not smoke him. I grill them and we do too big birds. You have a big get together. Come in doing one for people in Maryland. They know what old bay seizing is. We do one old bay Turkey. Would you want traditional Turkey there in? They've I put the by wife, and I put together a nice little Brian. They're sitting in the Brian right now, I'll start tomorrow morning at nine AM, grilling until dinner time that Turkey is the best the griller Turkey. You don't smoke. This. I interested in that wealth to talk off air. Grilling technique. But here's what I have to mention. Okay. The show because we do a w t. Yeah. I don't know this this. This might be a w t Tf because it's petty is all hell, it is absolutely funny. Because I don't know if he's telling the truth or not. So I know Steeler fans out there hurt their been rothlisburger Sud allegedly came to him and said he wants a James Conard shirt Z for Christmas that is just at out. Been so great at throwing passive aggressive shade. Like that guy has a doctorate. Kick rocks. Lazy on it on top of that myself wants your replacements jersey? And guess what? I'm gonna tell everybody about it. You don't return my call. Okay. I'm gonna get you. I mean, he is so creative eh throwing passive aggressive shave. I think he might do that better than throwing the deep ball. Well, he reiterated that his son does wanna James he said it on his radio show Tuesday May Day, eleven o'clock, and then his Wednesday availability. He said the same thing again today when they asked him that he has said he wanted to Connor jersey a Steelers, helmet and gloves. So is great definitely don't let the door hit. You Eddie asked. Why? While out the door. Replay. Yes. But don't worry lady on those doing fine. He just signed, but jump man he put that on all his media platforms who cares. That's what I think. Yeah. It's awful. He cares. I doubt. But. You know, I did want to take a quick minute to say, you know. With thanksgiving. Whether you're in the United States 'cause I realize one of our our prime writer Simon Chester as Liz in England..

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