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That's of course, powerhouse by Raymond Scott. No. Yeah. Or the win. Oh, wait to go. When does it become the assembly line song? It was just written in the thirties. And it was later used. By Warner Brothers cartoon for was written for cartoons. Oh, I didn't know that he has a great album of his work called Turkis nights and other delights or something to that effect. Turkish isn't it Raymond Scott? There's actually a lot of legendary films in entertainment products that are based on Jordan sex life modern times, the Charlie Chaplin movie. Interesting the episode of I love Lucy with conveyor belt of chocolates based on. That's not bad at me developments for one the film short circuit as well. Not short circuit to know that I did not approve that. I had a bad contract for the first one got away from me. Yes. Mina, the lonely guy would know. I did like that. She I did like that. She implied gratuitously added for the first time in six months, by the way. That's what. So I think she added that to make clear that she got laid because of her off brand. Like, she had not she had been in a dry spell. And then she she put on that Sanyo. Yes. The fought bought. Bought and those available dude start hitting big river Muskie. I when she said that it was. Jamie..

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