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I saw that A team that made this list where the denver broncos and i'm going to have to disagree. They got patrick. Sir tan in the first round and they traded up to get to devante williams in a second round. They got in my mind the best corner in the draft and they got what some people thought was the best running back in a draft. Why is that bad. I don't i don't don't really get it and it's like well. You're already paying. Melvin gordon. Melvin gordon what is he my age. There's nothing wrong with the donkey's draft. There i wish there was but there wasn't The colts they got thrown into the. What are you doing category along with my race and Quit e pay. Look i would have taken quickly pay at seventeen. He was there that's not a bad first round. Pick and then you think about You odhiambo the defensive end. Sean davis the safety. The only thing that the colts got thrown into this was that they really needed some tackles and they didn't address remember. They took sam etlinger in the six round. Just a little fun little thing for carson wentz to think about As i said with my my raiders if they had taken trayvon marriage in the first round and alex leatherwood in the second round. I would have thought job now. The whole thing about. Are they gonna move. Jonathan abram look First of all eric harris has gone thankfully he signed with atlanta. He had one great game with to pick sixes other than that. He didn't know how to cover him but they they signed Carl joseph back who actually had a good year with cleveland. The guy the I didn't want to correct Sycamore on the air. But the guy diablo. They drafted out of west. Virginia he he or vodka. I think he's actually being moved to linebackers. That's not another safety but Jonathan abram has trouble staying on the field because he's injury prone and also he won't shut up and the late hits. I mean how old are you. I knew guys in high school that would do late. Hits and then they would get penalized and benched in yelled at punished and then they learned their lesson. The schedule hasn't learned it. It's like when draymond keeps talking keeps talking gets teed up keeps talking. Don't do it don't do it. Shut up shut up your thrown out the saints now. I thought getting paulsen day go. In the third round was great value. He was one of the best cornerbacks in the pac twelve at stanford but the defensive end peyton turner. Some people don't like him Pete werner the the linebacker some people thought was a bit of a reach in the second round. And i'm not an ian book guy. I don't know why you would draft ian book in the fourth round when you're already paying a chunk of money for tastes them hill and jameis. Winston is there if listen if if anybody's in the seventh round i will never criticize seventh round. Pick unless that pick is for jerry burke. I'm never going to criticize it if he in book is still sitting there in the seventh round go ahead and bring them in the fourth round so as i say we judge these a lot of people like to give letter grades you know. How did you do not do in the end. We won't really know for a while so to say winners. And losers i think is the is the bad Is the bad call. Now remember when kyle shanahan was asked about Will jimmy garoppolo beyond the roster on sunday and his quote was. I can't guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive on sunday. So i can't guarantee who will be on our roster on sunday so that goes for all of us remember what he said that and by the way shanahan politized to garoppolo for that he said. I totally bombed that on monday. I hated how that came off. I talk to jimmy about it right away. I didn't realize that. When i did it a person i have a relationship with who sometimes when he asked me what i think is silly questions. Sometimes i mess with him back. And that's kind of what i was doing. That was between me and that guy. That has nothing to do with jimmy. When i said. I don't know if we'd be alive on sunday. I was just trying to get not get my typical answer of guys. Anybody can be traded if you get a bunch of ones john trade. Me and i shouldn't be here on. Sunday. that's the answer for every person on our team but jimmy situation is if he isn't here on sunday i would be disappointed because jimmy is a quarterback who has played one year full year and took us to a super bowl played at a high level. He said some unfortunate injuries. But i do believe in jimmy as a person and he's shown what he can do on tape all right now. Microsoft low. The nfl network says that several forty niners players. Including george kittle and others called. Kyle on sunday and said coach. I'm alive. I just wanted to let you know. So they're throwing that.

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