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Fact that the calmer than the y'all maytham grant who faremo you followed just coast to coast am recarve they will become the world's third belfair we regularly uniform under a fair we're all government coast to coast with george noory nice midnights of four on news radio kkob j the todd in done show some users of the mall pack express later not quite clear on the concept of so they get there they go thirty miles an hour because they're just kinda unsure of what to do it's a big problem i've i've i've been up against this problem many times now i thought when you've got in the top mall packed tolling line you could go as fast as you mentally possible well that's what i try to do there are so many people that are getting in that lane and they don't get it they just i think some of them thing well this is just another lane i'll just enjoy this slain in fact that there aren't many people in this line so i'll just got to take a leisurely drive here and i've been behind these people a lot in it is horrible i have i think you're still confused he may i thank you i thank you think that that tolling lemus for you and it's not understand what you're saying but the fact is i have yet to see an emergency vehicle using those toe lanes i had yet to see a bus using those toe lanes so it is essentially open to us and you're supposed to go really fast like a rocket but i will say this i really feel that were not seeing much improvement on mo pack as a result of this lane days ago you send your wife who drives that a her has seen an improvement well she uses the lane a lot but we we haven't seen any improvement of traffic flow on mo pack during at least during rushhour period the mobility it though is considering posting minimum speed cited on the mall pack expressly to they too that is the answer you've got it when a number should that bring it be a at least sixty miles an hour it at least at the very least ideally 75 radio on that thing eighty what is the purpose of man that that.

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